Wells Fargo says working to fully restore system as outage spills into day 2

Amid a deluge of complaints that paychecks and other direct deposits weren’t going through to customer accounts, Wells Fargo on Friday said it has corrected the issue and transactions should now be reflected in customer balances.


Earlier Thursday the bank said the system issues were due to a power shutdown at one of its facilities after smoke was detected after routine maintenance. On Friday, the company said system issues were caused by an automatic power shutdown at one of its main data center facilities, triggered by a smoke condition.

When the power shutdown, applications were re-routed to back up data centers throughout the day Thursday, the bank added. By the end of the day, critical systems were recovered but the bank continues to restore services.

It’s not clear if that incident was connected to one at a data center Wells Fargo keeps in Minnesota, where a fire suppression system was accidentally tripped early Thursday morning, prompting a visit from the local fire department. That incident happened at 5 a.m., and the bank called the fire department at 9 a.m. The fire department told CNBC on Thursday that there was no fire.

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