Watch SpaceX’s rocket land in the ocean after spinning off target

Video from on board the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket booster shows when it splashed down and fell over.

@NASA .@SpaceX’s #Dragon spacecraft launched at 1:16pm ET & is on its way to our orbiting laboratory. It will arrive at the @Space_Station Saturday carrying more than 5,600 pounds of @ISS_Research & cargo. Starting at 3:15pm ET, hear our experts give an update:

The company succeeded in the main goal of its mission, however, as the company’s cargo capsule reached orbit on its way to the International Space Station. Known as CRS-16, this was SpaceX’s 16th mission of launching supplies and experiments to the space station. It was also SpaceX’s 20th mission of the year, a record for the company.

SpaceX does not always attempt to recover the Falcon 9 booster, sometimes intentionally discarding the booster during high intensity launches. The last time SpaceX had a failure during a Falcon 9 booster landing was June 2016, when the rocket ran out of fuel on the way down. Musk’s company has landed more than two dozen consecutive Falcon 9 rockets since then. In February, one of the three Falcon Heavy rocket boosters smashed into the ocean when it missed the target.

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