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The idea was born out of Hindrik’s experience working for a stint with a start-up in Silicon Valley.

The concentration of top start-ups in the region has caused it to become the destination of choice for top talent, both domestically and internationally. But, in the process, it has led to escalating living costs and a shortage of talent in growing tech hubs like Hindriks’ native Estonia.

“I thought: Why don’t we collect these knowledgeable people in a cloud and build a digital country?” said Hindriks.

“This is the group of people that every country will be fighting for,” she told CNBC Make It, noting the growing international demand for skilled technical and creative workers. “So why not make it easier for them to connect with each other?”

Currently, Jobbatical works with businesses in approximately 50 countries, from Norway to Malaysia, and provides full immigration support and other relocation services in 42 of those.

It does not offer immigration support in the U.S., due to visa restrictions. However, the States represents Jobbatical’s largest talent pool, followed by Brazil, India, Russia and Ukraine.

Job positions range from those at young start-ups to more established businesses like Uber and, increasingly, government positions, according to Hindriks.

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