Mueller court filing details how Manafort allegedly lied to the government

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed a court document on alleged lies told by Paul Manafort to Mueller’s team in violation of the plea deal signed by the ex-Trump campaign chairman.

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The decision from Jackson in Washington, D.C. federal court came shortly before Mueller’s deadline to submit the document.

In a prior filing, the special counsel accused Manafort, 69, of lying about a “variety of subject matters” to investigators, without providing details about the allegation. His plea agreement with the special counsel required him to fully and truthfully cooperate with investigators.

In a court appearance following that allegation, attorneys for Mueller revealed that they were mulling over whether to file new charges against Manafort.

Manafort was already on the hook for a raft of criminal charges lodged by Mueller.

In August, Manafort was convicted in Virginia federal court of eight counts related to his past work on behalf of a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine. He is due to be sentenced in that case on Feb. 8.

In September, on the eve of a second trial in U.S. District Court in Washington, Manafort struck a deal with Mueller in which he pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy, one of which related to money earned from his work in Ukraine, the other of which was related to his effort to tamper with witnesses against him. His sentencing in that case is tentatively scheduled for March 5.

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