Meet the ‘lawnmower parent,’ the new helicopter parents of 2018

Are you sick of parent labels?

I am.

Helicopter, free-range, tiger, elephant parents — the parenting world teems with labels.

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One thing about the latest label:

You don’t want to be a lawnmower parent. But you probably are.

Lawnmower parenting has made a swift rise in public consciousness thanks to a viral post by a member, an online community for teachers.

An anonymous member of the organization wrote in the essay that lawnmower parents mow down all of children’s challenges, discomforts and struggles.

The teacher author shared a story of being called to the office, expecting to retrieve a student’s forgotten meal money or inhaler. Instead, a sheepish parent in a suit was dropping off an expensive water bottle after repeated texts from a child. Water fountains exist all over the school. The poster’s unspoken response: WHAT ON THIS ACTUAL EARTH.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 12,000 times — by parents and teachers alike — because everyone has a lawnmower parent moment to share, Hannah Hudson, Editorial Director told All the Moms.

“I think everybody has been a lawnmower parent at one time,” Hudson said. “Even teachers because they’re parents, too. It’s a natural tendency to want to help kids.”

Hudson shared lawnmower parent stories that came from the essay and post:

  • The parent of a high-school student who asked a teacher to walk a student to class to assure that the student would not be late.
  • An emailed story about a parent who requested someone from the cafeteria blow on their child’s too-hot lunch to cool it down.
  • A parent who called to schedule a make-up test when the student was clearly old enough to request a time.

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