CVS says it has a fix for those mile-long receipts — here’s how

CVS’ stunningly long receipts, eating up to five feet of paper at times, are a thing of legend in retail. But there is a way you can save some trees by opting out of receiving them at all.

CVS’ trademark receipts have long stunned consumers at the checkout line, and they’ve been well documented on social media feeds. One shopper recently used a receipt as Christmas garland to decorate her car, tweeting “May your life be as long as a #CVSreceipt.”

Harnessing digital technology is a big part of Merlo’s vision for CVS Health.

With the $69 billion acquisition of Aetna, the pharmacy giant aims to turn its stores and retail clinics into a kind of neighborhood health hub where prescriptions and services are seamless.

Already, customers can use the company’s mobile app to make appointments at its clinics, access telemedicine visits and renew prescriptions.

Watch: What’s with those CVS receipts?

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