Chart pinpoints level S&P 500 must break for sustainable rally: BofA

Bank of America-Merrill Lynch believes it’s premature to call an end to the market correction.

Suttmeier is now focusing on another important level.

“We got to get through that 40-week moving average which right now is right around that 2740 level,” he said.

Suttmeier is confident the market will get there this year, but he cautioned that stocks are vulnerable in the meantime to another near-term pullback.

“My guess is we form a higher low above 2346,” added Suttmeier, a number that’s almost 13 percent below current levels.

His second chart examines sentiment in a chart of the put-call ratio, which is often seen as a contrary market indicator.

“What we’re looking at here is a 25 day total put-call ratio,” he said. “The fact that it’s elevated in the face of a big rally tells me that investors are skeptical the market can continue higher.”

Regardless of whether there’s a significant pullback or not, Suttmeier sees the bulls regaining control of the market by summer.

“We could rally up towards the 40-week moving average on this rally, ” Suttmeier said. “But I think a sustainable move above that probably comes a little later this year.”

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