AliveCor says it’s seen a big boost since Apple’s health event 

It’s been a busy week for AliveCor.


But Gundotra told CNBC that Apple gave his start-up its biggest boost yet.

Before Apple spoke about it on stage, Gundotra said many people had never even heard of an EKG, let alone bought one. In the wake of Apple’s event, he said, AliveCor has seen a doubling in traffic to its website and an 80 percent jump in sales for its portable EKGs.

It’s possible that AliveCor, which is backed by more than $40 million in venture capital, could take a bigger hit when Apple launches the EKG and its mobile apps later this year. But for now, Gundotra says, the company is profiting from the attention. He also makes the case that his company’s devices are available for just $99 and up, while the Series 4 of the Apple Watch starts at $399.

“I’m thrilled,” said Gundotra. “We have a lot less explaining to do.”

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