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By backing Saudi Arabia’s vision of the Middle East and boosting the Saudi-Israeli entente against Iran president Trump has sparked a geopolitical earthquake in the region, especially within the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt cut ties, attempting to isolate tiny but influential Qatar, accusing it of sponsoring terrorism. At the same time, the de facto Saudi-Israeli axis labels Iran an immediate existential threat, drawing their American ally back into the Middle East, parenthetically dumping on it the costs of this geopolitical strategy.

President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, with its mutual flattery and highly touted, though still theoretical, multibillion dollar deal, has given carte blanche to Riyadh’s search for regional dominance. After suppressing minorities and other voices of dissent, the Saudis are intensifying the war against Yemen with further carpet bombing, deepening the famine in the most populous country of the Arabian Peninsula, and blocking access to Qatar by air, land and sea, launching a de facto war against it.

In a shocking performance even by his own standards, President Trump in a Washington speech and via Twitter tore into Qatar with inflammatory language, calling it a State Sponsor of Terrorism, while repeating generic accusations against Iran. Gradually, the outlines of a geopolitical plan seem to be forming: Helping Saudi Arabia dominate the Arabian Peninsula by subordinating the Yemenis and subduing Qatar and, with Tel Aviv’s tacit accord, possibly attacking Iran, moving first on Iran-linked Syrian and Iraqi militias before moving directly against Iran itself. Perhaps fighting ISIS is no longer the top priority.

Behind the Saudi-Qatari Split

Between Qatar and Saudi Arabia (as well as the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt) there are several controversies. Qatar – 11,000 square kilometers with a population of 2,500,000, half of them foreigners – is the world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and shares with Iran the largest natural gas field on the planet, South Pars. One of the world’s richest nations, Qatar is a crucial supplier of LNG to Asia and Europe, with massive investments in Europe through its sovereign wealth fund. Qatar’s wealth tickles many appetites, including Trump’s, who would like the US to replace Qatar as global supplier; and here perhaps is the real reason for Trump’s tweet-storm against the tiny country. To all this must be added the fact that Qatar hosts the US Central Command (CentCom) base in the Middle East.

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