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Adm. Michael S. Rogers preparing to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee in April.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — President Obama is considering removing Adm. Michael S. Rogers from his posts as leader of the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command after top officials expressed frustration over the speed at which Admiral Rogers had moved to combat the Islamic State and over the agency’s repeated loss of closely guarded secrets, administration and intelligence officials said Saturday.

President-elect Donald J. Trump is considering Admiral Rogers, who is responsible for surveillance and the growing arsenal of cyberweapons, for a top post in his administration, including director of national intelligence overseeing all 16 intelligence agencies. Admiral Rogers met with Mr. Trump on Thursday, apparently without the White House’s knowledge.

The recommendation to remove Admiral Rogers, a career intelligence officer who was promoted to his posts by the Obama administration two years ago, came last month from Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and the current director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr.

Administration and intelligence officials, who insisted on anonymity to detail the private discussions, said the recommendation that Admiral Rogers be removed was not related to Mr. Trump’s interest in hiring him. Instead, they argued, it was driven by breaches during Admiral Rogers’s tenure at the N.S.A. and his leadership of the agency.

The White House and the Pentagon declined to comment on Admiral Rogers’s fate. Reached by phone on Saturday afternoon, Admiral Rogers declined to comment.

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