Meghan Markle, Prince Harry wedding: American fans go wild

 In U.S.

AMERICANS are losing their heads over the royal wedding, with over-excited fans planning 3am viewing parties, stockpiling kitschy memorabilia and recording songs.

With days to go, US news outlets are overflowing with the minutiae of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s big day, seven specials about the couple have aired on network TV and venues are advertising lavish celebrations.

Many fans have spent thousands heading to the United Kingdom for the big day, while others are attending “princess pyjama parties”, dressing up for champagne-fuelled soirees or fashioning their own weird tributes.

“I plan to wake up at 3am local time to watch all the coverage, and when my daughter wakes up she will join for a special breakfast of scones, tea and sandwiches,” Chicago-based royal fan Allison Lackey Peschel, 31, told “She has royal pyjamas to wear and the same personalised robe that Prince George wore when he famously met Barack Obama.

“I have been watching non-stop segments, documentaries, reading books, flipping through magazines, and more in anticipation for their big day. I am constantly refreshing the Kensington Palace Instagram or Twitter for updates. It is crazy in the USA — every news segment has something around the royal wedding.”

Steve Casino, from Kentucky, painstakingly painted the royal family on to peanuts for the Today show, while Joel Diamond, from New Jersey, created a schmaltzy tribute video that’s had 45,000 views on YouTube.

Others are dressing up in posh gowns and fascinators and laying out cucumber sandwiches to join in massive Facebook Live parties.

In Washington DC, revellers have been sipping cocktails named American Princess, Markle Sparkle and Kensington Garden Party at the Royal PUB (Pop-Up Bar), while New Yorkers have been spotted hefting cut-outs of the couple down the street.

British-themed stores and cafes are flogging royal wedding-themed merchandise, including fake invitations, tea-towels, aprons, T-shirts, china and playing cards.

New York coffee shop Tea & Sympathy had a queue around the block for Prince William and Kate’s wedding six years ago, and they are expecting even greater mayhem now an American is marrying into the family.

“America is going is wild, America is so excited,” says Beaumont Etiquette founder Myka Meier, who runs the Duchess Effect in New York.

“We don’t have royals here, so for us, it’s always been like a fairytale, a Disney movie.”

She points out that the last time an American married into the royal family, “it didn’t end so well.” King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson.

“For the first time, we have a real American royal,” says Ms Meier. “Not only royal, but a Hollywood celebrity, a divorcee, a bi-racial powerful woman who talks about politics, race and women now has massive platform

“Americans are very prideful of this and of her, she’s making waves globally.”

Ms Meier will dispense advice on sitting, dressing and acting like a royal at the Plaza Hotel’s wedding day celebration — sees the union as a symbol of the “modernisation of the royals.”

For $150, guests will enjoy live commentary from royal experts, lemon and elderflower cake pops — mimicking the wedding cake — and fairy floss in Harry’s favourite banana flavour with edible gold.

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