‘Korea summit & Iran deal pullouts undermine US credibility as honest broker’ — RT World News

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The US, with its pattern of sanctions and threats, clearly prefers hard power to international diplomacy, while its withdrawal from the Iran deal and North Korea summit shows that it doesn’t stick to commitments, analysts told RT.

Just hours after North Korea destroyed its nuclear test site, Donald Trump announced he is canceling his summit with Kim Jong-un which was scheduled to take place in Singapore on June 12.

In a letter to the North Korean leader, Trump said he felt it was “inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting” after “tremendous anger and open hostility” displayed in Pyongyang’s most recent statement. He also warned North Korea that the US military “which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world…is ready if necessary.”

Political commentator and journalist John Wight told RT that Trump’s decision to pull out of the summit should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the trajectory of US administration “with any degree of awareness.”

“After all we’ve had a pattern of sanctions and threats: sanctions and threats leveled against Iran recently, sanctions and threats against Russia… China…Venezuela and  sanctions, threats and air strikes against Syria,” he explained.

In his view, “this is clearly an administration that believes that US hard power rather than international diplomacy or indeed international law should be the arbiter of international affairs.”

Wight added that he didn’t believe the Trump administration was serious about the Singapore summit from the very beginning.

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for (var i = 0, max = players.length; i Trump’s decision “shows the divisions within the US policy,” according to Sreeram Chaulia, Professor & Dean of Jindal School of International Affairs.

“We have a lot of hawks in right-wingers led by people like John Bolton, Mike Pence…They didn’t want these talks to happen. They want regime change,” he told RT.

Asked what more do North Koreans need to do to get Trump to the table even after Pyongyang destroyed its nuclear test site, Chaulia pointed out that “it is a give and take: it has to be based on quid pro quo.”

He noted that the North Koreans have given confidence building measures: “they released those three American citizens, they have closed their nuclear test site. They have been also saying that they will keep a moratorium on missiles and nuclear tests.”

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