Kim Jong-un Invites South Korean Leader to North for Summit Meeting

 In U.S.

The Trump administration is wary of engagement with the North, which has been subjected to increasingly tough international sanctions, unless it shows clear signs of giving up its nuclear weapons program.

Mr. Pence — who sat just feet away from Ms. Kim at the Olympic opening ceremony, with neither apparently speaking to the other — has also been critical of the North’s participation in the Games, seeing it as an attempt to create a division between United States and the South.

South Korea’s president, Mr. Moon, welcomed the possibility of a meeting with the North Korean leader, saying the two Koreas should “work together to create the environment to make it happen,” a spokesman said.

But Mr. Moon has also said that he would be willing to meet Mr. Kim only if he received assurances from the North that it would help resolve the crisis over the North’s nuclear weapons program.

“The South and North shared an understanding that they should continue the positive mood for peace and reconciliation created by the Pyeongchang Olympics and should promote inter-Korean dialogue, exchanges and cooperation,” Mr. Moon’s office said in a statement.

If Mr. Moon accepts Mr. Kim’s offer to come to the North, it will be the third summit meeting between the two Koreas. But it would be Mr. Kim’s first meeting with a foreign head of state.

Kim Jong-il, Mr. Kim’s father, had met with two South Korean presidents in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, before his death in 2011: with President Kim Dae-jung in 2000, and with President Roh Moo-hyun in 2007.

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