Fox News ‘MediaBuzz’: Spicer says Trump’s remarks about possible Comey tapes brought out truth – Fox News

Below is the full transcript of Fox News’ June 25, 2017, “MediaBuzz” interview between show host Howard Kurtz and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

HOWARD KURTZ: Sean Spicer, welcome.

SEAN SPICER: Thanks for having me.



HK: The media is on fire over the President saying no, he doesn’t have any secret tapes of [former FBI Director] Jim Comey after having raised the prospect in a tweet weeks ago. Do you think, you said Friday, the president was just trying to enable that the truth come out.

SS: That’s right.

HK: But by raising that prospect didn’t he — and the price of that is he insinuated something that wasn’t true.

SS: He said “I hope there’s not” because I think that he knew the truth would come out, and I think he is glad that the truth is coming out that he had said very clearly that on three occasions he was told that he was not under investigation, there was no obstruction, and he was right. And I think that having Director Comey come out and admit it under oath and testimony proves that the President was right.

HK: You said with some justification that the media spent way too much time covering the Russia investigation —

SS: But think about the lead up to that testimony, other networks were insisting that it was going to be — that Comey was going to come to the stand and undermine the President’s comments and yet exactly the opposite happened. Director Comey came and admitted that the President was right that on three separate occasions he admitted to him he wasn’t under investigation.

HK: But in terms of the amount of media oxygen this consumed, you being about it at many briefings, isn’t it the kind of distraction that the White House says it wants to avoid so you can focus on the policies.

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