Flinders Street car crash: ‘All you could hear was the hits and the screams’, witness says

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December 22, 2017 09:40:06

Witnesses have described hearing screams and seeing bodies “thrown into the air” after a vehicle ploughed into pedestrians outside Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station.

Witness Jim owns a bake shop on Flinders Street and said the incident happened on one of the busiest corners in Melbourne.

“He seemed to be travelling at about 80-100 kilometres [per hour] down Flinders Street in a westerly direction,” he said.

“The intersection was full of pedestrians and he ploughed through pedestrians.

“The only thing slowing him down was him hitting pedestrians.

“It was packed. Our stores was packed. The pedestrians crossing the road, it was completely packed.

“It was, like, solid with people … all you could hear was the sounds of the hits and the screams.

“All you could hear was, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.”

Jim said by coincidence he was already calling emergency services when the vehicle ploughed through the area.

“Funnily enough there was some drug-addled gentleman next to the store so I was ringing triple-0 for him so, I hung up but there were ambulances or police cars in attendance,” he said.

Witness John said:

“It was just a horrific scene. Bodies were just thrown into the air.”

Sri Maragari was at work in the kitchen at Rocket Burgers at the time.

“At first I could hear the noise and it sounded like a gunshot — then people started shouting,” he said.

“I just went out and all the people were lying on the ground, and I could see a white car at the Flinders Street tram stop and 10 to 15 people were really badly injured.”

Another man who was at Flinders Street at the time, David, said: “I heard the engine rev, I heard the first bump, I turned around, because it was behind me at that point and I just saw it ploughing through the rest of the pedestrians”.

David said fellow pedestrians rushed to offer assistance.

“I suppose all credit to the people of Melbourne, each person who was down, there was probably about six to eight of them, there was probably about three to four people assisting to get them into the correct positions and make sure that they were OK,” he said.

“Then there was probably about another six to eight people who immediately jumped at the car and started pulling the driver out of the car.”

David said he was on the phone with emergency services giving updates on those who were injured.

“Four of them were conscious, so talking and breathing, and the other two were unconscious but they didn’t have any real significant injuries that I could see, but obviously I can’t see what sort of internal injuries they [had],” he said.

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