2 Bosses Show Up to Lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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“That’s an extraordinary remedy,” Judge Kelly said, before asking Mr. Trump’s lawyers to respond to Ms. English’s complaint with their own brief by the end of the evening.

Others, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, reiterated that the bureau was meant to be independent from political influence. She defended Ms. English as the rightful director of the bureau that has helped nearly 30 million American consumers collect almost $12 billion in refunds and canceled debts.

“The agency was built to be as far away from partisan politics as humanely possible — including exactly what Donald Trump is doing now,” said Ms. Warren, who proposed the bureau in 2007 while a Harvard Law School professor.

“The DNA of this agency is to work for America’s families and to stand up to big Wall Street banks,” Ms. Warren said in an interview. “Mick Mulvaney wants to work for Wall Street banks and step on American families.”

It was the latest hill on a bureaucratic roller coaster that began with the abrupt departure on Friday of Richard Cordray, an Obama appointee who helped the agency aggressively expand its powers to punish rule-breaking companies. Mr. Cordray named Ms. English as his acting deputy director and presumed acting director. The White House responded forcefully by saying Mr. Mulvaney would be in control until Mr. Trump decided on a permanent successor, whose confirmation could take months.


Mick Mulvaney, the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, brought doughnuts when he arrived for work on Monday in Washington.

Karl Frisch/Allied Progress

On Sunday evening, Ms. English filed a lawsuit against Mr. Trump and Mr. Mulvaney, who is named in the lawsuit as “claiming to be acting director” of the agency.

As confusion reigned, Ms. English’s tenure as a low-profile public servant abruptly ended as she fought to remain at the agency she helped lead since its opening in 2011. She headed to Capitol Hill to meet with Ms. Warren and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, among other lawmakers about her plans.

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