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Dual rear cameras on phones are officially a thing. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the OnePlus 5 uses dual-cameras to make zoomed in pictures look great and create photos with bokeh (gorgeous, out-of-focus backgrounds). But unlike the iPhone, the OnePlus has higher resolution cameras with slightly wider apertures that let in a bit more light.

On paper, the OnePlus 5’s camera hardware looks impressive (see chart below) especially since it costs hundreds of dollars less than the iPhone. But when it comes to photography, the proof is in the pictures. That’s something the iPhone 7 Plus proved in our tests against single camera shooters like the Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, the iPhone hasn’t gone up against the OnePlus 5. Until now. And the OnePlus 5 gives it a run for its money.

I took this pair of dual-camera twins around the Mission in San Francisco for an old fashioned camera battle royale, snapping pics of people, cityscapes, murals, food, indoor golfers and skateboarders.

All images are right off the phone without any post-processing and features like HDR were left in auto mode while shooting.

The dual-camera weigh-in

OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus camera specs

OnePlus 5 iPhone 7 Plus
Standard-angle resolution 16-megapixels 12-megapixels
Telephoto resolution 20-megapixels 12-megapixels
Standard-angle aperture f/1.7 f/1.8
Telephoto aperture f/2.6 f/2.8
Optical image stabilization None Photos and videos (standard-angle only)
Digital image stabilization Video Video
Video 4K and HD 4K and HD
Slow motion 120fps at 720p, 60fps at 1,080p 240fps at 720p, 120fps at 1,080p
Front camera resolution 16-megapixels 7-megapixels
Front camera aperture f/2.0 f/2.2
Price (USD) $479 (64GB), $539 (128GB) $769 (32GB), $869 (128GB), $969 (256GB)
Price (GBP) £449 (64GB), £499 (128GB) £719 (32GB), £819 (128GB), £919 (256GB)
Price (AUD) AU$750 (64GB), AU$830 (128GB) – converted AU$1,269 (32GB), AU$1,419 (128GB), AU$1,569 (256GB)

Sunny cityscapes

The OnePlus 5 photo looks vivid with significant contrast. The iPhone 7 Plus photo has more of a natural appeal.

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