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Reddit will start issuing warnings, timeouts and permanent bans to its most abusive trolls, but will also limit the content manipulation capabilities of its own CEO after he apologized today for ethical violations that shook the trust of the online community.

Last week, Reddit CEO Stuff Huffman, who goes by the handle Spez, secretly edited users’ comments in the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald from “fuck u/spez” to say fuck the moderators of that subreddit. Using his editing privileges as an engineer at the company, he was able to change the comments without leaving a trace, framing the trolls who insulted him as having insulted the leaders of their own sub-community. The move could be viewed as censorship, or simply a childish, gross abuse of his power.

Huffman soon callously commented that he was trying to unwind after trolls implicated him in a false pedophile conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton and a pizza parlor. But he stopped short of apologizing or providing details on how Reddit would prevent this in the future, opening questions about whether he should remain CEO.

Preventing content tampering by Reddit staff

Today, Huffman finally issued a formal apology for his “attempt to troll the trolls,” writing “I fucked up. I ruined Thanksgiving. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” and adding “I am sorry for compromising the trust you all have in Reddit.”

He went on to explain: “I honestly thought I might find some common ground with that community by meeting them on their level. It did not go as planned. I restored the original comments after less than an hour.” Huffman attributed his actions to his own history of instigation on the internet, writing, “I spent my formative years as a young troll on the Internet.”


Thankfully, he announced “we are updating our internal controls to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.” When asked how he could essentially assume control of users’ accounts in the first place, he wrote “admins (employees) can’t do this in general. It’s because I had access to everything as an engineer, which we are limiting going forward.”

This is critical to regaining the trust of the community, as the fear of staff members assuming control of users’ accounts and taking actions that could reflect on those users casts doubt on the validity of all content on the platform.

Years ago Facebook strengthened its own systems to prohibit employees from prying into users’ private content or messages after incidents early in the company’s history. Employees who break the rules there are fired. It seems Huffman will get a slap on the wrist here, which might not convince Reddit’s users that the company itself takes his misconduct seriously. We’ve reached out to Reddit for comment regarding whether Huffman will face any punishment.

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