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NEW YORK — The last nominee to show up, Russell Westbrook turned the corner with his wife and rolled his eyes at the bank of waiting cameras and reporters.

With a simple white shirt, a gray tie, purple shades and jacket slung over his shoulder — Westbrook’s understated outfit was the biggest upset of the night — he glanced at the red carpet and shook his head. The man of the night skipped the cameras, the posing and the questions and headed inside.

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Despite his style and flash on the floor, Westbrook isn’t one for crowds, or the spotlight. But he couldn’t completely escape it, as about two hours later he walked onstage at the first ever NBA Awards show at Basketball City to accept the trophy for most valuable player. Westbrook grinned, and, breaking the standard, he was actually a little long-winded.

He thanked God, he thanked Thunder owner Clay Bennett, general manager Sam Presti and coach Billy Donovan. He thanked the film guys, the trainers, the support staff. He called his teammates who were in attendance — Enes Kanter, Andre Roberson, Taj Gibson, Victor Oladipo and Nick Collison — onstage.

Westbrook thanked the fans, his agent and, finally, his family.

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