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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are going to make a whole lot of money once the opening bell rings for their fight on August 26.

What happens next seems like it should be clear.

McGregor, the only fighter in UFC history to hold titles simultaneously in two different weight classes, will be competing in his first professional boxing match against arguably the greatest boxer of all time. Oscar de la Hoya, admittedly as a rival promoter, suggested that McGregor shouldn’t even be licensed to box.

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Yet, what happened shortly after the fight was announced suggests otherwise. In the days after the fight was confirmed, tons of small bets came in on McGregor, with the public seemingly confident he could give Mayweather more of a go than the oddsmakers initially suggested. While most of the money taken in early on the fight is on Mayweather, the flurry of “square” action suggests there’s at least some segment of the population thinking McGregor has some shot at topping the controversial former five-division world champion.

Anything can happen in a fight, but it’s harder to reconcile the betting action backing McGregor with a feasible path to victory beyond the luckiest of lucky punches. There are huge obstacles facing any UFC fighter crossing over into boxing, as there would be crossing the opposite way. Crucially, Mayweather is just about the worst possible opponent for a fighter like McGregor, both in terms of in-ring temperament and style. The arguments McGregor supporters have thrown out in his defense are flimsy and often incomplete.

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