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Make no mistake about it Tom you’ve probably allowed Bill Belichick to lift up a couple that dream still I horses don’t. That’s a fair statement probably a mutually beneficial relationship going their notes that I think zealots I’ve dealt. How are you Michael. How we should thanks caused great epic Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys out there hope you’re Dr. Phil. Of food. Hope you had some time some nice time with your English cousins and well equity and seedless cousins isn’t it sad in the left overs or are pretty much done you know when you when you finally traits your way through the left over to wait. Or stuffit laughed. Oh man. But bums me you actually came to the end of the left overs early while we didn’t go quite as much you know two or three kids want Holman so as just Susan and I am one of the daughters and so. Smuggle crazy you know it’s only three of us there. That’s all right let’s take this holiday we had the same variety we’d always have we just have smaller commodities of that Farai yeah. Handling food football on Thursday some great games and there’s except for the last one. And a great game yesterday it because the got a from that perspective of if you’re not a jets fan you’re not a patriots Manning just one. Entertaining. Close. Unpredictable game that’s which got yesterday from the jet. Doesn’t it seem an editor and M went everywhere were preparing for a patriots jets game at least I’m I’m speaking for me not for you I always forget this. They always end up being rock fights. No matter how bad the jets are and their bad a lot of the time yet no matter how good the patriots are in their good most of the time. Those games always had an alien rock fight. And Eddie were saying the same thing a couple of weeks ago that a force four and try to throughout the teams that would. Provide a challenge for the patriots are a team that. Could beat them for the regular season is over and stop them from getting home field all that stuff. And he put in the jets and I said no troll game should know. Notes to look at the look at these results over the years right every year. They play you know and especially recently last 45 years a ton of ugly close games between the patriots and jets whether it’s fair or here. And and you know we know all the numbers Brady hit his 200. It was the 500 win for the patriots franchise first. Team that came out of the AFL to reach 500 career wins. But I had forgotten about this one until I was looking it up earlier today. That was also the fiftieth game winning drive for Brady. You know that that last drive right and any sets and and look you can look at it anyway you wanna look at it. And I heard Tom this morning on with Kirk and Callahan. He is political as always he says all the right things that all the right times and he knows he’s got to face the jets one more time this year that’s fine. He was going after Darrelle Revis all day. Not only did he not feared Darrelle Revis he felt they critics. It read it did it’s you know. What would they really needed it when they really needed something they can go to his side. And they would they can get it I was. I was shocked to see it and don’t talk about this all year long and how he slipped. But it’s it’s amazing to me to see a guy who was dominant. Two years ago is just two seasons ago 2014 season it was great. Got off to a slow start at the patriots were down the stretch. I would white guys out or is he would say he used to say. Ali eliminate gaps yes it eliminating gaps and to go from that. That guy he is right now just blows my mind because significantly younger than Tom Brady. And Brady hasn’t had that that that drop off that that people are expecting in the happen to leave this that. I’ll take it one step further he’s only seven months older than Aqib Talib. And Aqib Talib is arguably the best quarterback in the game today. He’s only seven months older than to lead to leaps playing at an extremely high level. Darrelle Revis looks like it has. I think it’s just. Is it to injuries injuries have just gotten the best of army. Hasn’t recovered from is that the money. They hate to say that about somebody but you know get a direct got got got the big guys should get what the table. Give him forty million dollars to charity yeah it’s like 39 million. Guaranteed money. And so he’s the guy and more power tool you know playing a sport where your career could be over just like that to be one play your career is done. Don’t have guaranteed contracts that they do in the other sports you can go and get yours anyway can’t understand that but. Probably effect sure you’ll way of looking at business. And get 39 million dollars or team. For autistic son in history and you know. I have to admit you know I I don’t spend a ton of time watching the jets during the season you know you watch every minute of every patriots game records like you’re right the resort yeah to run. And I’m not I’m not seeking odd jets games so I had been reading a lot about Revis and how he played this year many Schmidt has been clobbering him. On up on a daily if not weekly basis and and you watch it for your own and and you see you see every play. The the first touchdown to Mitchell back at the end zone that was against Revis the long pass play to Chris Hogan. It was against treatments. The winning touchdown to Malcolm Mitchell in the left corner there. Smoked was was against Iran’s post about it you know they don’t fear it work going after him now did not serum. You know it was he’s become what Apollo model for Tom Brady. Tom Brady would just I can I can make him go or I want to what I want identical laughter and I have. You know I’d take advantage of his aggressiveness has anybody had any I’m sure somebody has won and I’ve just like you. Not you know following the jets’ week to week. So I have all the nice cute phrases. That I’m sure somebody is about where. So he’s Revis island anymore now he’s Revis will get rid of somebody got it must be something out there. And end all Saban better than previous high way. I can reach its cause away. Do and all those people who is said and management has been saying he’s got to make the move from corner to safety I’m not sure he could do that very well it didn’t we we set Trent Dilfer. We’re talking about that you say you know it’s odd is that easy. Some guys have done a Charles Woodson did it and a rod only one of the greatest LC thanks and it’ll drop what’s in the hall of Famer and rod Woodson which outlets will will be well Amer rod Woodson is a hall of Famer he was removed from quarters safety but. You know anybody can do it Ronnie lot like quarter in its did it and it was about this Ronnie Lott as a pro bowler at both positions. Again one of the greatest it’s ever play global quarter approvals that people remember this. Hardening guides yeah what his finger cut off to go back in the game what the cup it was bigger. All the people why it’s got the stuff. It’s focused right okay nail I don’t know actually it’s part of my finger but this cutoff credit happy Thanksgiving read a lot of the so yeah. But we’ve. Never lie ahead I. Or rather out which. Read this article all time greats corner. So maybe doesn’t have the the ability to do it looks like you guys a lot like football. Now Brady thirty. Guys bill and I Daryn I know each category after he wonders ring with the patriots. And and Tom this morning was trying to I think kind of give him an out little bit later expert yeah you know it looked like he was wincing a couple of times and he was getting now. Tommy was wincing because he was kitten porch to. I don’t wanna make this sound like you know I just think this is that Brady had a whale they have a pretty 319 yards in the first 43 for nine for nineteen yards in the first quarter. But once he got things go and when they had to make plays. That was the guy they went. We’re talking about last week. We’re with are at 3 o’clock yes. Heath Evans and we’re talking about San Francisco and who who you it went up that defense denies ounce can start notified somebody everyone up the defense. For the jets had just Jimmy Williams. Jimy Williams yeah all day long. He. He was a distraction he was a nuisance. The entire day for the patriots he was just blowing stuff up every. Every every opportunity god he knew. What was happening high awareness. Good strength good speed. That’s one of those top ten picks from for a for the jets who was played like a top ten. Absolutely yeah taken me you know you watch him end Brady was obviously not himself physically. Look when he misses two days of practice and basically is there for the Friday. You know kind of wander through type of thing here and mrs. Wednesday mrs. Thursday you know he’s limited physically. He said today he felt better today than he did last Monday. He was obviously not himself he wasn’t as mobile he wasn’t it Ed and is able to you know avoiding hits that he’d been. Avoiding before but the jets always hit they hit them often neighbor they hit them hard like I said it’s a rock fight every time these teams play. I Damascus. Two under wins for Tom Brady ties Peyton Manning I did it faster than Peyton Manning did. 293. Games. Brady and 26068. Or nine sort Barbara 199. Yeah. Have you been on the fence at all when we go all time quarterback is unfair question. Because. We’ve all time quarterbacks we’re we’re not really talking about the entire history of the National Football League we’re not going back we didn’t see Otto Graham employee and fifties or does Johnny Unitas there. So we’re talking about. Pretty much. 670 the merger seventy to the president we ever on the fence about was always sure what absolutely it would witness when you most recently on offense. I stop being on the fence with the fourth Super Bowl time. That was it for me. And I give I give credit to Callahan for the number because he he posted it earlier today talked about it earlier today. Joseph Montana has a 133. Career wins. Tom Brady is a 139 games above 500. Stop there is no more discussion. Yeah you know I was on offense. Pretty recently Jews it was typical for me just put anybody from Montana but that’s more romantic than anything else. I figured that out earlier today. I finally figured out just. Romanticized. Him because I felt like he always did the right thing you’ve ever made mistakes on and on on. Joseph Montana I should make the point about much about it. I don’t know how many career yards he has this appointment it. So tight as 60000 because Brady Canada fifth quarterback to reach you know are now. 50000. Illicit nav forty IMF 45 and 40000. 40000 career yards for Joseph Montana doesn’t hurt. What when he played at the same time. As it Emery. So Dan Marino was 61000. Plus yards. Compared to Montana at 41000. Warm the hearts. Ford Dan Marino yet most people gave it to Montana. Because of the winning. Well. If you look at the combination of waiting for Tom Brady to but it went well went to Montana. Look at it that the yards for Tom very. And you know that touchdown pass interception percentage all these things are much better than Joseph Montana. Not even close setting mostly not to. Close any Testaverde threw for 6000. I don’t know at an end and end up in your right it. It’s kind of unfair to do it. Because of that era. You know that’s where you have a lot of guys just throwing a bunch of but to pass is now surprisingly wasn’t always end and so you can’t. If not entirely accurate look at a guy who was getting it done in 198687. Comparing it to somebody who just good. In 2016. And the good guys in 2016 and I’ll favors guys put up numbers and they career passing yards Matt Ryan has. But it’s probably up there 6000 I’ll get him. Thank you very much 36000 for Matt Ryan. Over forty that could ease away from passing so I had a. Now what ever make the argument that I don’t Dexter Manley would what would ever make the argument. Matty ice now that I got Tom president nobody would echo barge game I don’t know like I would make that argue. It’s not fair to go passing yards which you really have to look at everything. And it when Joseph Montana was doing this thing. In his early notice his career high. Passing touchdowns was retirement unity yes correct. Well I am guessing like 3031. And close let lottery ticket 31. Its corporate. Never threw for 4000 yards in the season. So we’ve talked about the best. Are we gonna just restrict the Super Bowl. The only only category. Where. Joseph Montana has Tom Brady. It has over Tom Brady is not it was Super Bowl wins it’s just I can say I never lost in the Super Bowl. And I never threw at a victory interceptions. That’s what he’s got over and that’s impressive that is but he’s got four titles. Tom Brady got four titles. OK. That’s it. I. Had to have a place of my best football instead of having a kicker come in for the winning points. I was able it you know five John Taylor. Against Cincinnati. Four touchdowns and I’d have to rely on the kicker. But if you just look at everything it’s hard to put somebody about. You put Manning and there. Look at Brady’s. Stats vs Manning. If Brady plays to 4344. Particularly 4445. You know by do I hope your right. He’s 111000. Yards behind. Peyton Manning. So. Him three more reports seasons beyond this William yet the three seasons. 373800. Yards. And you’ll do better that a yes very nice that he’s the number one passer of all time. Number one passer of all time I have more wins and anybody who’s played you don’t have at least four Super Bowl titles maybe five. It is fair is it fair argument for anybody else. Very argument for anybody else it’s nineteenth them. No. To me it was always those two guys and and some folks wanted to put Peyton Manning in there because of that that the gaudy statistics but I thought winning mattered. Now Payton got till now. Although Hamachi had to do with the secular his eyes everybody’s got a cap. But yeah it was the starting quarterback for just Super Bowl champ always things to different things to different teams he still. You know at least two behind where. Montana while he’s he’ll finish two behind Montana Gil will finish it Lee you are very. Maybe three which which reads it and excellence asked the question for after you guys up there regularly and one make an argument for somebody else blameless. They would show a little bit overweight kids arms and listening mode permanent good space. And a great space. And the question is. Is this system is it’s a Super Bowl team. If we talked about the defense. There were content. I can’t say they’re Super Bowl and are they super ball of athletic they can’t be certain legitimate yes championship contender yes they keep playing like this can they win the Super Bowl yes. They can’t. Again get some things straightened out couple things on defense I was happy to see them turn the jets over a couple of times yesterday yes that was good. They’ve got to get drunk healthy. Now supposedly that thing that happened yesterday it was a back thing it’s not that serious you all of those things that the people report I don’t I have no idea. And guess in bill Belichick’s not gonna be filled with the information for us on that it or I beat the jets. He’ll be athlete I have said he’s not gonna give us any updates on Crockett queries that what’s going on. Well before it gets by by by Super Bowl question the question. It’ll side that Torre. Do you have the over or under a look at the over under. About nineteen seconds into our interview. 4 o’clock interview with Bill Belichick. Nineteen seconds before he says. It’s always good to be suggests. You got over or under. Under. First answer within the first two sentences of the first answer and up to try to lead him there anyway sell off this like it when my bet. This is going to be I know I object just before. Public there is going to be what is all time greats boy interviews it’s going to be great interview with Bill Belichick for. You don’t want to miss this. Hope your right is that that is that is all time best you’re your neighbors dale or jacket on Twitter. Yesterday you’re neighbors. Always overreacting. Can’t wait so this guy. You must’ve been. Very early in the game. Tweets aren’t aren’t wired tweeting at this point the first quarter call. Out there are. Some great defense in those and tenth victory that she gets to that yet. A little thing. And to change. He did not lose. Lose today it’s upper crust of journey that brought the ship. Charity. This comes from ESPN and to back up your point since 2010. When trailing by ten or more points in the first half Tom Brady is eleven and seven counting yesterday since 2010. When trailing by double digits ten or more points in the first half he’s eleven and seven. The second most wins in that period is Eli Manning with nine. With 29 losses. The third most wins in that period is Philip Rivers with eight. With 25 losses. So your top three quarterbacks trailing by ten or more points in the first half our Philip Rivers 825. Eli Manning nine and 29. And Tom Brady eleven and seven. What I heard was eighteen times. They’ve trailed by double digits and the other ones have trailed by double digits allot more big haystack. Exactly. 6177797937. Let me give you the rundown Heath Evans joins us at 3 o’clock he got the shot out from Tom breed this morning during the interview. 4 o’clock as she is me 330 Patrick Chung will join us 4 o’clock Bill Belichick will join us. All time great all time we’ll get right to the calls for the coming up next Sports Radio WB. The end of the mixing the patriot touchdown and they’ve got the league. 156. To go through chipset to timeouts but now building the touchdown to win the game. You know I I think throughout their history of Bill Belichick running this organization it is fair to say. That they have struggled in the area of five drafting and developing wide receivers it’s fair to say that that has been an area of weakness here. So you think of the Chandler Jones deal. And you got to Cooper in that technique he could make the deal not a great out he’s out the door knob which ended up with two draft picks in effect. One of them is your starting left guard and may be your starting left guard for the foreseeable future. One of them as Malcolm Mitchell who looks like he made just break that mold of not being able to draft and develop a wide receiver. Personal life and dollars and beat all when you what you’re talking about it you’ve got to just get got to fit over that itself started to turn dark and for everybody. Yet you’re right it has been a struggle. For the most part just a drafting receivers but bringing in guys always say the threshold like 31. We’re 31 and over economic. It’s just get straight guys to make guys who have come in over 31. Veteran guys that it’s gonna work out and they just struggle talk about you Chad Ochocinco. I’m looking at you Joey Galloway as the college football program in I’m talking about you Reggie Wayne patent how could he couldn’t make it in doing it but. Nate Washington these guys coming in and it just it’s hard time it’s hard for them to get the office. But Malcolm Mitchell is in that category of guys who were dressed and you never hear about the adjustment to the office never. In fact Brady has said to John NG two Kirk Callahan. He said this guy is Smart he gets sick nobody has mentioned the offense with a kid no not one time Deion Branch was like. I know was in the draft pick but Wes Welker. Was like that was under thirty. When he got here Randy Moss was thirty when he got here didn’t hear anything about the offense and you know these guys Julian Julian settlement got it immediately now start to get healthy. He gets more reps and they saw that he was more than just like this utility player to be really reliable receiver. If you hear these guys talk about hey the offense has also complicated I think we will target note. Probably gonna work out where these guys all the guys imagine a guy from day one. And missed it looks like he gets it and Brady trust them and goes to. Game winning throw. Fourth quarter you saw who was stricken at. He’s got element out there he’s got Bennett out there. I don’t know famine dole was on the field at times but he’s gonna Malcolm Mitchell now that may have had as much with Darrell Revis said he helped but he still went there. Let’s get the calls mics in New Haven Europe first on Sports Radio stale out. I miss him are ready Jerry come back to us. Even let me for Bartlett got practices report school. Out of luck to them. Quote from Koppel at the yeah during right. A quote from Kabul that pfc is being got to find a way to finish at the end of ballgame baloney the last how people it’s kinda hard to do that when you’re QB. Who by the way is criminally overpaid just so happy speaking any ill timed turn over but at least eight wins it they’d win. After watching that debate when I can’t help but add in your — it was yesterday just to crack. It’s a plane down a proponent or is that decent person like concern that they were Crockett early in the game. Despite what Michael but the monologue down by double digits thank god. I am I I’m sorry I’m not in the style points and for the second straight game. Bill Belichick elected to not score another touchdown which he could have for the second straight game. Which would have made things that gamblers out there happy guys. He was trying to you know that last run he was trying to didn’t handle album I don’t score I don’t want to get I don’t run out of bounds or anything like that used to get a touchdown. Not I would just played out the competition’s just play tough games. Against the jets if they had. A little more talent. They would a lot of David seasons typically. Today it’s not a wall that we’re confused with the patriots are doing we don’t understand their whole concept of it they get it. It just does not talented enough that have to pull these victories out. It’s hard enough to win in the National Football League week in week out and I know because. They’ve done so much of it down here we get a little spoiled we get little jaded now how hard is that they always win. It’s hard to deal. They’re six and oh on the role. Six on the road and if it’s hard to win in the NFL on a weekly basis and it is it’s that much harder to win on the road in the NFL and the six and I’ll. And they need both so. Does their two remaining. Road games they absolutely need them for for different reasons that I. You know to look at look at Miami. Six straight wins. I don’t know how good they are they look pretty good right now. And that last game of the year. It looks like you’re gonna matter. Usually. Opponent starts to fade in the AFC east they start to fade. As we get close December well this week will be in December. And at this point it’s usually over it won’t be over. So the only that when and in Denver Denver. Always Denver gotta gotta gotta be. Bryan’s up in Maine hey Brian I don’t. Failure and Garland a bloodless. Fit right in our. Oh right right hey are bringing back there are ordering your paper Revis called it a bit off our back for second or third. I did on just how bad does have that gun back to when or whatever and island thing to food. Which is good time you. Yeah like that didn’t matter I’m suspecting that you are in it. I think it would the question the bad news at Grady has more wins over 500 and more it has all our. Yeah I was just yeah. Yeah I mean it’s not at 130 aren’t on pretty Greer summit are. Well Ali and Joseph Montana has 133 career wins. Tom Brady is a 139 games above 500. They’re prepared to put it to rest in my mind but one. We’ve. But okay and you bring up the plate and and my question is is that is that your. Is that the number one. Point you make for quarterbacks is it wins. Is that is that the way you look at it dale. While it is should always be that the stat that means the most is did you win I mean you and you’re winning you don’t win. And and you know all those other stats that you wing put out there all of all of the you know yards and touchdown passes and interceptions in QB are everything. It’s like when when Bill Belichick sat here and as a what’s the most important stat when your measuring your defense I didn’t get the sentence out and he said points. If I say to him what’s the most important stat when your measuring a quarterback. Well he’s gonna say wins you will today it is always set during this all time great interview with Bill Belichick we need to have a countdown clock right now I’m so excited. For this interview. A must know something must have some inside information if you call Hamas has an insider for many of us know something’s coming. You’ve written Booker to about a low maybe maybe Nixon to overpay nick I don’t. They’re guys that when you’re not on their collective say in one being that I’m ready structural Iraq. But Jordan a little bit and go back up. They got to go back the second any wind really important we want to go back to. You lost second against Kansas City years ago actually this guy just gave up in the fourth quarter I haven’t seen and CNET. From our sense but I gotta think that you know eventually time will come and Michael once I get again this planet hang out. I think there is dated eventually it and here I just hope that it goes to great you know because outweighing but he goes well it’s not support it. Approve anybody to be more yards than anybody else who won what gave anybody else but when it comes down to if you wanted to I didn’t win that game talk radio bit. And and that being said at a point where some. Good move again back to 430 and really that that it Oakland Kansas City game last night was a better than the jets game remarkably. And I think that. They don’t ever ever Kansas City yes I was making all the time. The city right but but they need to they need to make. That game that that gave Denver a few weeks that it should be this Sunday night game of the week actually be. And not take what we like at no additional. All right Richard but I just as the confused Brian daily confuse me and said you know gap north here adapting and at the editors of time. Crazy I mean what is victory yes yes it it it will come to an end I don’t doesn’t seem that way we’re not every but you know but but for Charlie Wilson’s you know. To summon some and Charlie for. You know OK okay statement this is something. Really outrageous. For the for the for the pop. Is that is that what it’s come to an infant operating hours. 6177797937. We’ll talk to Heath Evans. Coming up top of the hour we’ll continue with the phone calls between Allen and Patrick Chung at 330. Bill Belichick and what has already been promised to be one of the best all time of the entire year my top five ever apply he’s coming up just after four dale and Holley. Live at Gillette on a patriots Monday Sports Radio W media. So very very great. Spoke after the game few words I mean this do what those guys were four years 2014 so is. There’s been a lot of love there. Lot of respect. Overall so. Talked to maybe 4050 guys those. This good this is actually good to see some. We’ll soon Italy’s. Stir Rel still out there on the field. A forty or fifty guys after. Coming back my next life. Well. Life after the next my next life. It’s going to be maybe the greatest. That DJ. Ice that music and it all is just difficult to this. Point. This is. At all. I got that excellent throw game maybe it was just me troll all the time at the army. Patrols of 2014. What is Bill Belichick to. To cheat. Why. You got to keep you gotta keep. Shut down yeah. Yeah. You don’t want it. Jets want it. Jets are smarter than you. They got the Revis. Busters green make a lot of moves Cromartie coming up great defense is going to be trouble tickets to shake. Decide to grow Revis. I think AMOCO lives. A minute deal Morton in. Humans. And it was like a brilliant. Now you know and because it’s hard to sell which hopefully. I just believe that if I. Convinced myself that I believe it. So during the break I I just. Wondered through real quickly here Joseph Montana for his career shocks. Top 133 wins and 54 losses. This is regular season playoffs combine 133 wins 54 losses winning percentage of 7-Eleven. And unbelievable yes 318. Touchdowns. 215. Interceptions. Macho. Like Joseph many interceptions he he had issues in the playoffs with interceptions don’t want to get through. 250 years. Right at him. All it ought to know I was Arthur I’m sorry our arrogance. Are down. Wrong category here it is it is 160. Art interceptions. 318 touchdowns 160 interceptions because most are still about Walt and I understand it’s though 139 interceptions in the regular season 21 in the playoffs. I it’s a Tom pre. 200 wins. 61 losses and 766. Winning percentage. 502. Touchdowns. 179. Interceptions. 510. Total. And 279. As opposed to 318. And 16. You know use you mention how many losses. Off war is reverberating 61. Or 200 wins 61 losses all time. Some may be able to control things. May be without do. I’m gonna work on this dale if you invite me to what your parties and what do you want people to go. To talk football setup probably access but if you want people to go home and just too polite to say there buddy go home. The debris India. And I’ll be the guy. Who sits there and recite the 61 loss and no real how and acted like a little summary figures did after the loss. And Roger the story of the game what most of us who probably do that anyway. Well it’s. Also the sixth but now it’s spread out over sixteen years so the memory gets a lazy when you get back there. And I I read this yesterday speaking of one of your Twitter troll friends yes good earth and with dozens of notably these are your people I always read about this guy talking about yet but. But you know Peyton Manning got drafted by a terrible team and Tom Brady got drafted by now by you know up a play our powerhouse. Wrong. Rather did you see what the record was before Brady got here. And that agency with a record was his first year here when it with like five and eleven and eleven are wrong. Now once he got in stunts in the starting quarterback position I swear it kind of you know took off like a rocket ship are veterans iPods and it’s got its like after five I know well you know you got to drop about their heads at and a unit. Sometimes memory gets a little hazy for folks. And and they re write history. All well you know Brady got drafted by this powerhouse this playoff powerhouse and he was took the guy put him over the top. No they weren’t in fact it’s an old Bill Belichick it had just begun his duties here and was not having a great time limit the Ed got the team. I think you can you can make the case for for both of these guys being. Including Britain great situations. Firfer Manning. You know number one overall pick so the money situation was different that’s sure your dart. And he was he was drafted by guys in the hall thing. Bill Polian it’s a hall of fame team builder. And you come to that guy’s team is good for you on the flip side Tom Brady drafted by halting team builder and Bill Belichick so. That they did it they’ve built their teams in different ways but both of those guys if you’re if you’re talking about some of the people. Who can put together a sound team that is capable of winning a Super Bowl those two guys right there polian the bills polian and Belichick. So that was great situation provoke it even a better situation for Manning in that. Polian. Didn’t necessarily focus on defense first. You know he already had Marvin Harrison and place. His first year there Marshall Faulk was there. Faulk moves on to bring an Edgerrin James yeah brought him Reggie Wayne first round pick Dallas Clark first round pick. Had Tarik Glenn at left tackle first round picks so. If he. Did a good job of making sure that the offense around Peyton Manning was exactly what any quarterback one. Waits on the cell phone hey wait way. A disorder juggernaut not reversal marked out a couple of quick points if you look at all the categories. Britney basically read all of them. You know even Super Bowl and there are crowd you’ve got a lot of regard for your bearer to board arm that market or Britain lost a championship game. Two additional so you look at that I would have thought the wind above 500 you know and then you look at. Free agency what that person what is relevant in the locker crowd around. You know and and they didn’t live longer and offered the line the receivers and quarterbacks everybody was playing together for a lot longer happens then you know Richard. Yeah I wait Joseph Montana had the greatest wide receiver of all time. Yet as you know it’s a good point. Mom and wait wait no water does make great point of about Montana and free agency Montana. Didn’t deal with free agency until the very end of his career and it wasn’t Jefferson’s goes in and he became one as against it India and they distribute you if you that he was not a trick yeah. So. For it for the bulk of his career free agency as we know it didn’t exist. And that’s why do you sit there and surely get Joseph Montana as your starter and now he can’t play it’s too bad folks. Our quarterback is doubtful gonna have to go there back up Ron Amadon. It’s going to be tough. We’ll find a way his career quarterback rating is higher than Joseph Montana I don’t know I don’t know how I get it done that. Would this rafter. Never works out force 6177797937. Heath Evans will join us in just few minutes. Up Patrick Chung at 330 Bill Belichick at 4 o’clock we’re live at Gillette Stadium on a patriots Monday. Dele Ali Sports Radio WB.

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