NFL Week 12 game picks: Broncos edge Chiefs; ‘Hawks stay hot –

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Lions. Cowboys. Thanksgiving.

It’s tradition — and it’s worth celebrating.

Detroit has been playing Turkey Day games since 1934, when the Lions lost to the two-time defending-champion Bears in front of 26,000 at University of Detroit Stadium. This might be hard to believe, but that same Lions team won it all in 1935. (Yes, the Detroit Lions were champs.) Dallas, meanwhile, got the late Thanksgiving game in 1966, besting the Browns (who were not 0-11) at the Cotton Bowl, 26-14. That Cowboys team would go on, later that season, to play the Lombardi Packers in the first of two consecutive famous NFL Championship Games.

For years, nobody wanted to play on Thanksgiving. Detroit had always hosted the game, and then Cowboys VP Tex Schramm thought it a great showcase for his relatively young organization. Starting in the mid-to-late-’70s, other NFL teams wanted in. Finally, we saw the emergence of the night game a decade ago, which will be Steelers at Colts this time around. Andrew Luck’s presence would make all the festivities a wee bit cooler, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Cool, huh? Those are the ’34 Lions in action. Meanwhile, the ’66 Cowboys quarterback, “Dandy” Don Meredith, lives on in quotes …

You’ve inspired me, Hawk … IF the Cowboys hadn’t beaten the Eagles, Steelers and Ravens, they’d all have winning records, BUT they did.

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