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Fort Wayne alimony and 48. You could take those opinions let’s some measure them. And overlook that won’t. Fair look at him so how much of the benefit don’t interception. Boys and maybe that’s what they were doing with Glenn flew in Christiana Halsey did not. Get to Aaron Aaron. And it noted how incredible ability to block it. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. And get my posse together. Moved to a different care. Officially gotten loses weight and suddenly become a whole different persons like now moving around you for your division they’ve actually no gap. You can always saving out of the fat one. Remember that was the one local analysts don’t like it basically see your hairline that we couldn’t see you that’s what it all came down to we couldn’t hiding out. It’s I know. What’s up or EA. As wants to keep planes are excellent here that’s all like that and they never. The pot throw the posse thing really taken off people or partner. There are a lot of people know about him right back now LeBron like Thabeet you know from a lot of people were that art got them. Bart Scott pretty much dropped it. What reality on everything out pretty sensitive. And it came from a black guys so now we can’t complain right. Now that it’s the ego and it in what I said means nothing to them once sixty liters 116 week if you’re a liar that’s what you’re talking and I. I want my nicknames like after. If I weren’t either. We get we can do this would’ve spent hours sitting here bitching and baseball writers. And and how to vote and how they’ve all but the he we’re wasting our time look how many years have we gone through this most valuable player. Or at the BP. So we sit here we get we get isolated to break the interpretation. Of what most valuable player is because the eight. Marquis that’s when you look at what he did. What he did for this team and the impact he made on this team both offensively and defensively and the charge he was in where he was in the lineup. To me is the most valuable player micro is always the best player yes there’s always going to be hit you when this thing eight years in a row she wants kids. Yeah again and what’s gonna have to happen in order for somebody to take it from him is you gonna have to have. Not a Goodyear not a great year an extraordinary year but just beyond that night what with Donaldson last year had. Miss it 300 with 41 home runs a 123 RBIs. In you lead the league in runs a McDonald’s and won the award Miguel Cabrera corporate triple crowns anything short of that. In this man’s gonna win it. I so are tweet from buster only which is absolutely amazing so. Mike Trout has been asleep for five years. He is what 24 years old yeah. Mentally for five years. And he’s been on five ballots. And out of a 148. MVP votes. A 137. Habit for first or second. Unbelievable. Only eleven people last five years didn’t think he was first or second some of amid that is just east want to. The easiest one Jonas come second three times. And he just got a ticket from his greatest book easier was it was a. Still close to my droughts kick I smoky deserved a pick and asked this question because I agrees to ease the game’s greatest player com. Why this team sucks so bad is that’s all they have. That’s all they have so a week saying Biden description of most valuable player that they would lose a 120 games if you weren’t in the lineup but he thing. That’s the other arguments I don’t think I don’t think. Other ugly as it once every seven gained great great without in the B last experiment went 520. Who knows if it. I hook hotel it’s a possibility that it’s a possibility. I I just think you’ve got to be able to separate the awards has got to be one for most valuable. Player and and in the old days in my days the most valuable player was a guy that took his team somewhere. And usually was a team that. You didn’t expect to go somewhere and he took it somewhere you’ve given them a bit in this kind of like this is a Connelly Michael Jordan beat. Like Michael Jordan could easily win. The most valuable player like every single year and could someone it took I took someone have an extraordinary year in him. Not have an extraordinary but it’s great tumbling Uga just the other guys displayed a little better maybe his team was a little bit better. I mean go to lights you know every year like Charles Barkley once when he leaves and and Michael Jordan has agreed with the David Karl Malone. The other Michael Jordan with the gimmick to Karl Malone again it’s just it’s accurate in the end because you only have five guys out there on the court Kirsten. And I do believe. That when you knew your name Michael Jordan you name it LeBron James if you took him off the team. But team would did that win loss record would drop dramatic all I nobody compared to studio like Michael Jordan. Is arguably. The best player to ever play in the NBA. And every year he should be the best player a case old also and Karl Malone has a great year for him and he he gets voted the MVP. That was the best player that your I don’t know how he put it altogether and so easily stay still Michael Jordan. But hated him David Karl Malone anyways so how much how much importance to you give on II. I think the difference is that child can’t may be in the position he placed. And the good the way the game is played he can’t make the impact. On being. That valuable to a steam in the same respected if I take LeBron James after Cleveland Cavaliers not only do they not win the NBA championship last year. But they’re probably struggling to make the eighth seed in the playoffs. Both easy to see how he affects a game like smoking bet stated you can look at you don’t bookie bet season. And see how he directly impacted the race for the for for the east. You can go just look look at the game that he played against Baltimore how good Baltimore was doing and how how their first place all the time. It always is commanding that division the next you know in nineteen games Eagles off to get a huge impact on the race just a direct impact we look at the numbers. Bad side by side. And and you can show this guy made a difference and yes yet to help get a budget good guys on the team that were driving in runs. But you can actually point to a series against the team that was legit in contention. It’s a smoky bets made the difference. You know I thought that they young about the get a wrong last night and always it’s the most news reports a lot of the got a wrong to its Goran. Bet that Berlin should’ve won a special episode of votes ethic they got to run again because. We of these guys were so similar. You know this isn’t like. Bill war battle they’ll Gallic Miguel Cabrera or even David Ortiz mr. talk of a war we bring in defensive metrics we bring in base running. And Trout is gonna be Ortiz he’s going to be a Coca prayer meet the need Orman good to based estimate is not rated first based offensively right. Border look at this comparison. And I say Ortiz smoky Betts is a gold Glover. Looking bets led baseball defensively right now defense or run scores. Bookie bet was the player’s choice for best defensive player in baseball with a five to play bookie bet stole 26 dropped below thirty but he still point 60 it’s not the base paths. It’s not a defense of thing. And I know drought still wins war. But that’s I think they got this one wrong because when you look at ball with Lewis admitted both of several years Trout. People talk about it rookie bets compare him in my truck it bookie bet as the year he had this year for the next four years in a row. Big circuit parent might drop. My trust that report straight years. That’s why is the greatest player in a planet right now insistently for five straight years rather five he stumbled when you watch smoky best to every day. He’s done it for five straight years. But the difference maker should have been he kept up with the whipping them on the bass bass and defensively in all by the way the final one. His team won its division. That should have been somewhat of a tiebreaker for some of these voters aren’t surprised he won as easily as he did but I usually. Let me get penalized him Europe I super being not a good team have a good players like I’ll get some help in. If you get it to me that just doesn’t saints so. Is it just the fact they used to work most valuable player. It’s the most valuable player it’s so subjective. Paterson used numbers but if you just you strictly numbers. But it okay then they can have a back and forth and look at routes numbers that you have to put value those numbers which number is most important. Is it the war is it runs batted in in the what is it strikes and strike out home runs that what is it do you take it accompanies a he’s a better defender it’ll runs saved. Or just I test who’s the best player but actually based while you’re at. I think part of the problem is that most valuable player is still in the perception of the writers it’s still the best point. Second of all. We’ve seen him we watch him every single day here note you bet most of the media does not they know what Trout his tribe is already built this reputation. In the last five years of not only one of the the one of the greats of the game today maybe the greatest player in the game today. But he might go down as one of the all time greats when it’s all said and done I’d babe Brooke territory. So there’s an established perception. Of what Mike Trout is you don’t have to have it fair you don’t have the carrier I don’t it was and I that was interesting low. I expected that may be David Ortiz would take away a few of those votes because people from the outside would look at and say you know what Ortiz really was the backbone of that that run by via the Red Sox but it really didn’t happen if you look at it. He really finished where you’d expect them to finish and you won first he was mostly third and fourth and fifth where you’d expect them to finish. I just think it is and that’s why aren’t just hit. So it’s gonna have to have an exceptional season to unseat. I’m Mike track Mike Trout is already the MVP for 2070. Somebody asked unseat the champion Mets are you looking at yeah and then not looking at what. He does every single day to make his team. That make him and his team more valuable which is what I thought of it that’s it this. Differently because there’s a couple couple votes right. Chum academy actually had my chart its fifth. And then there was another guy ought to be able to stop I don’t know I don’t know Oakland yet his stock or he would bets Donaldson to. Out to based agreement chattel for Trout by them. The guy out of Oakland has Adrian Beltre won so. Any had Trout seventh. But see this is different than Cy Young if I don’t think Cy Young where your team finishes has anything to do with. That’s nothing to do with the to a newly Verlander out top five that makes no sense to me. Because it’s not about success of your team if you’re the best pitcher in America link you can be African Minnesota. And you should win the award right you can be any Oakland dep Depp but this year it doesn’t matter you should win the award. But MVP I can understand by Trout. It always pushed down with some like Sean they are the question out that was shot it’s built wise out to a third and Trout this. Because of its going to be based on your team as it is out to be kept its team in the playoffs I’m guessing that’s as if you kept your team in the race yet through September. That’s all that matters to me which are talking about you don’t need to make the playoffs but if you take your team and its mid September it is ten games to go when you’re still in the mix. There’s an economic playoffs I don’t care if you bright team all that way. I understand why they leave a mark. It’s speech because MVP they feel that your team has to be somewhat successful both Cy Young. There’s no excuse that is done because out biggest duty to give a ditch. Really out of sight out yeah really it’s fast and easy isn’t the best pitcher or wreck each. But that’s the way that treating this they’re treating this ones are best at some. You concede the way the voting goes that that’s actually a it’s an offensive it’s it’s turned into an offense of war that it’s not what notre it’s not a great for notebook all I know what my point is to say Kentucky had a better your defense I didn’t like Trout I think they’re both like to employers saw the letter but who had a better year. Well what’s in it he’s not a good defender but what about your habits they both had a great year. But who had a better year well because an hour away it that’s pretty good put everything an ideal that OK if you get a better yet there they should get somebody should get some some votes just went back ideal ideal as a which it doesn’t matter. Always the best it I’m a believer and it was documented in people have forgot those numbers whatever writing op right here at the numbers but still on paper. The save metric people they date patients seen at bats had a better year but. It’s it’s actually the opposite we said before like it’s it’s it’s an offensive awarded it used to be. Now it is actually all encompassing in my chart is the example. Like so Mike Trout can beat out. Miguel Cabrera better offensive numbers because G grade out better and base paths any grade out better defensively. You know meats and now it is more compass in which actually given my track more chance each and every year because this war is through the roof of the Los. I’s gonna lose when somebody call you up smokey bachelor this year. If you went out. And you know. I hit forty. In donate 315 with forty and drove a buck thirty. You know it’s just unbelievable. You’re not just a great year but just Donaldson forty wanted to buck 23 how often limit and then he would win. How often does that happen is that look up to talk about Triple Crown how else lost I don’t know how often does that happen. Now I just I I think he’s just gonna what do majority him because he’s the game’s best player right now. Yeah maybe gets hurt yeah. And the misses sometimes don’t. You have the an award for the the best player cut immediately sporting news award something like that but they do a separate award. For the game’s best player. And really that’s not the only issue I have that is the definition. The definition and so your team has the move up in the stand. If you’re going to be the most valuable player you it has to be converted. Into into victories now we can look at boredom and that’s what via the Saber metrics a deal and nobody gets better vote more number than that Mike Trout. Yeah they’re saying they’re looking at the same what you said before. This came Hollywood’s fifty games if he’s out of the line. Is there only is there any correct here what would they when they send out the rules and regulations for voting hazard to do they tell you lake for the Heisman Trophy they give you like criteria. But here’s what you need to look out here is what this person needs to be needed here the values that. That they need to show and sonus and so forth is that it or is it just payless and you pick whoever you wanna take a three guidelines whatsoever now in this report seemed to follow. And that’s the thing is I think it everybody is different definition as we said most valuable people who look density once every seven underwent that the through. You know so he’s more valuable but we’re I don’t like it is we saw. In the post season a playoff baseball different the regular season baseball. Correct I knew we saw some guys may be available outside the conference only be be more aggressive expand the strike zone pitchers will be tighter. Bill October baseball is different in September baseball but September baseball. In a pennant race is also different. That if you’re team is thirty games out. Right so when you play in a month of September to play in a month of August in a pennant race. Those games are different there is more pressure there’s more on the line. Ethic got to recognize that. Still and that’s why I say if your team is different explode a week ten days he eliminated you’re still involved in high pressure games. It was still up to you to carry your team to perform at a high level and and gulping get it done. And even those great player Trout is he didn’t have any of that pressure. Whatsoever. But three quarters of the season this team was done. I think that’s what they they missed the boat. We can play for result numbers could blitz early and let loose relaxed as I don’t mind anybody else you’re ready for this this is bets in September. August and September September August 378 batting average export import oh on base the percentage old PS one. All 86. MVP rate of November 9 homer Wednesday 27 RBIs are not bad in September not not not. But he added three and ended in 314 a 381 on base percentage 771. Or PS. He had only one home from birdie at seventeen. RBIs bright and play enough games against the Orioles who talk about the Orioles early because that’s where he killed them with little runs. Are those numbers object that that the meticulous too much bad for a July 368. With a don’t PS of one point 06. Pretty phenomenal numbers. But that’s an interesting one and they don’t take that into consideration. That you’re doing yet. When your team needs you and those are a lot of pressure. Dropping a lot of that truck and blocked here at the beginning of the season after the second week and say okay. Can soccer win out but I’m gonna have a damn good season and Google and put. And again how do you weigh that how do you do you include that in each year matrix oh another pressure I don’t know oppression I. I know the press and efforts to help an aunt Camilla should win the MVP. Like most valuable. I mean let me just look at the post season alone who opposed it a little better here it was a most valuable player and policies no question. Even though esteem did not win and output Britain way ahead of if you Miller during the regular season either Tutsis and yet you know more of one magazine I would think yeah. It was yet. That was that was that was it. I that’s the only issue I have a Wii gets it we can argue it in and we’ve done this for years this is not the first time this argument is come and it all. Comes down to the definition. Of MVP. And people have different definitions of it and I think that luge right. The you have a far more people that a Saber metric savvy and they were into the numbers and they are looking at war Anderson they go out you know why. He still has a child’s still the most valuable player because I look at war okay. And how many wins this game would have if he weren’t in there and it’s Belgrade so in other words instead of what it 75 games went 55 games or whatever. That’s what you’re looking and you you don’t buy. Look at the pressure’s different Elektra the pressure is different my truck the walks through the roof. We look at that oh PS numbers appears on base percentage and a Major League Baseball Andy in on base early the American League at least and and it just look at it as you’re willing to take the walks. Gain a net gonna expand its own willing to take the walk now it’s September. If he was a game behind. Texas. What he’d be willing to take the walk. Already be like you know want. In order Perry’s my trial for our six on the MVP. You know I have three Obama ticket walked three on swing and got that you know I anything anything Biamila more aggressive and and citi’s balance with that goes it’s not a 100%. You know truthfully he’ll just take his walks exit cares not a percent that he would go the other way and expand the zone to be more aggressive because this team needs him. I just think that he played August and September are meaningless baseball games rookie didn’t. An amazing August and then August 01 in the MBP. Well it didn’t. Plus you know how many of those walks were intentional over the year or two in my truck. You know if you could pitch around Mike Trout. That’s how you beat the angels that’s what you wanna do it. So so. Yeah it’s all irrelevant originals so 116 led the league walked Italy get on base percentage. Me for the most part he’s guilty couples behind your. But undersea in the willingness to take a walk me you know whatever mother intentional walk. Oil me it really should be it really should be pretty rigorous look at this they say if I had a vote. I would start with who had like the best numbers okay who has it’ll some of the best top three guys. And then work and then I’ll work my work backwards okay how well as their team how good is their team are they do they have is the only team to have bills you know. Your crazy circumstances situations where he needs to come down with a hit to really you know catapult his team to another level like he does it acting is a team. Could he can impact his own team. They’re really how good he’s. You know I got out of. Alex you haven’t fed arbitrarily the difference I think with the cy young and we talked about this yesterday. And we’ve seen a pitcher go out and went fourteen games because his team couldn’t give him run support fourteen games but he did being so dominant that you’ve got to make him your Cy Young award winner. In the case of of MVP. To me it is much different. If you’ve got to incorporate. What he means to Christine talked about what was it that twelve or fifteen. Intentional waddle does that he Avaya. A 31 count pitches that they go I’m not throwing it anywhere near the an exceptional they ought to catch. Attention it is that they ask that blows up the walks but in a way that it might give him a check in his bid on his side as well. Because you know there’s a fear also was. Team struggle let him beat him and he still put up those numbers you know he didn’t have. You know for joy or Bogart’s rule Ortiz or Hanley kind of lurking nearly a fourth for the most part September Daly went off in September so. You know maybe he was pitched to more so you could say well if we try to no protection look at the numbers he had I mean you can make the argument anyway you want. But to be the tiebreaker should have been meaningful games in August September where there’s more stress on one man as opposed to Groundhog Day for Mike. Spoke never suspect of what we agree with Jeff has got to be some stress involved and I don’t know what it is silly you know those Heisman moments which are talking about in a Heisman Trophy like you to. Deliver in this in this in the tough gains that they’re used that needs to be part of the mix and I get asked to be mean. Negative just sucks royally and you can’t win period you still put up big numbers and even though my guys that you had a great year. Maybe get a bonus from team can’t be considers most valuable player it’s team sucks he had a great September his team at a really good September they finished up the season strong. As still only 174. Games. 74 games. These abortion usually go to players the best player on the best team noted that the deepest team but in this situation. You know top five team. That’s usually how it works you’ll ever see a football player or basketball player. Or on any of their team get a most valuable war for being not a crappy team even if they have great numbers like Drew Brees went out there and just. Threw for like you know 55 touchdowns and you know crazy yards but his team didn’t make the playoffs he would be considered as a VP we the people will be talking about try to make his case. But you got the ticket team that won the division that as a suitable chants and that is that is you know has to Los. That adds to a picnic you know in basketball we have an MVP type season and maybe you’ll see an issue with it but he Davis. Usually. You’ll are one of the better teams best. I mean you can kind of go hand and a great player in that sport I mean one man impacts the game that you remember our deal with this terrible quarterback but out by arguably the breeze. It beat through that what you’ll numbers you’re saying that the dust up I heart the belief. Is team when when is division. Our facility conical hat in hand right by in baseball not it’s not a case that he gave us that’s what it’s like. Let’s but it again it was to be interest he has zero chance of winning him the picture erupt but what zero what do we mean zero. A great. Zero it’ll tell you it is the you have to go to an accurate he’s got so as a case study right and I’ll tell you that’s a lot of people are already looking. As somebody like Russell Westbrook and his team is off to a really good start he’s putting up phenomenal numbers okay. But this team’s gonna have to stay at the top of the skimmed somewhere in the mix. And people are gonna look at it and say you know what especially losing given to rent that team would be dead now he’s holding them all up there in third place over and Western Conference. He’s got Jay Leno and about every example that that’s a great example Russell Russell Westbrook because you just look at those games he’d look what he does is physically. It’s it’s it’s amazing what he’s able do we go to the other night yet it. Game when he Dockery did with his left hand to sky just to jam it all to win that game. That that that actually would be great bit out of how does he do head to head against some of the better players. As students abroad as a do against the borders is due against the clip I don’t ever remember arguing a point with the MVP in the in the India. And saying that guy. Doesn’t deserve demy you know the got the idea do you are you like a lot remember to say just a member Karl Malone Utah Jazz like Karl Malone always because there was no other with the that your I don’t believe there was any other. Our standout candidate right that that’s what it was everybody it was like Barkley everything kind of came down Ers will be. Paulus hit in the air deep to right field. Fool me. Isn’t record looks up and go off. And I love rhetoric giant purple back. Is such that general Red Sox. It’s always the this network is anybody going to have a high award them the drugs that possible. Based on down the type of player is not possible. Right that I know now I’m not possible. So he’s always gonna lead in that category and if that’s the category that’s gonna put him over the top for MVP. Awarded every single here. Never will be they’ll be you know a time like you know I keep bringing of the NBA experts justice remembering all the different players. Who guts to duke got beat out different not to Serbia I know but just because it was like it’s like the public in the and the writers are design it’s it’s kinda given his its its art we’re tired given that jordin we don’t want to give it to Toby. We don’t wanna give the brawl when he gave an ever got any national ever got in on a bad team in India. Wanna look at me on the NBA. Noting that doesn’t happen I mean I look at Derrick Rose when he beat out LeBron James. As the as the case it good you know then yep they’re all good teams quietly jungle Jim you talk about Al normally have elevated up you know when one actually one. What Jordan lost it to cobble albeit at a meat to others and a finals and that was when you know Georgia’s like I am payback for that you know you don’t deserve it but it was like they just felt like. Karl Malone it was like it was as it was his time could be good for so long. And never got any love that no matter what he did then bring a mix he was gonna get. They were in the next few appoint the three years he came in second he would hire war. Then Miguel Cabrera twice Donald so we just slightly higher than Donaldson because he brought the defense of mr. with a but it was a lot higher than Mickey because there’s no this. No war again it’s not just offense its base running in fielding so. Is numbers and wall were just you know we’re 333 points higher than Miguel Cabrera because of. So that’s the one of drug makers to I don’t think it happens and AMP. It doesn’t this is a bad team a team that was out of the playoffs in the first month of the season. And it doesn’t happen in the NBA bet you Derrick Rose they weren’t him not only in the next but he was the reason they were adamant he was the most valuable player with the with the express definition. All of MVP zap was Derrick Rose that that your you can argue it would Mike Trout is he the best player in the game yes best offensive player. But he’s dumb most valuable player. I wanna talk about so the last time this happened was when Alex Rodriguez won the war reckon like. Swept three owners in the range of 2000 three’s yet type situation team sought to make the playoffs. But he won the MVP so I mean I guess it’s just one of those things were again it’s subjective it’s okay do you think he’s the best player in most vital player you know. It by huge margins. If that’s the case your kind of forces to deal with the realities that you can’t give it to a guy a good player on a good team but we have to revert back to note is given to the best player. Wish there was there that year that A-Rod one it was another candidate I don’t remember standout candidate Carlos Delgado. Is look at that year Iran here. Two and 98 with 47 home runs a 118 RBIs and 995 OPS off the charts are still got Sonia hand. It real too. Mr. 9842. It is 4745. RBIs and opiates over house in. Held that he not be era. But I whatever I should it’s still back him now to the falls we go here’s Johnny dart is hey John. John. Think I agree that. They. Joked around a little bit here. Look at this the bull in the beginning the east to have MBP. Follow your value. That lawyer. A big piece off. Eat and Trout out. Trader for each other. What’s the difference in the Red Sox record what’s the difference angels’ record and go from there truck here maybe the Sox whether you church or. Angel stay with five games intro is more valuable yeah. We can’t do that so that unfortunately. And and what would your Jesse. Say to sort it out. You can sync it which you don’t actually. You know you don’t actually. That’s so great is that bad or tried it out. He ever win an empty. Because without them. Did you support what certainly do it got. That. Great this horse or. I totally I totally different everywhere just images that are not dozens. You say that because it again you say that the less busy such Jimmy drop below and a it to me. I don’t know I don’t know what. They went like 78% of their games without him. On the that argument argument does an argument doesn’t work to do the first. I think he is the most but I think Brady is the most valuable popular candidate. And I think he does take his team dramatically upward the year who are really look at it let’s look at it he was out for an entire season. OK the team won eleven games they did not make the playoffs the year before that would virtually the same team they won sixteen games and got to the Super Bowl there was a drop. While the government expects. That’s out there any obstacle to pick it in salt. I would say this is but the the comparisons were making because quarterback has. Eight considerable. Considerable. Influence in his team’s success or failure. I think in the NBA. Your best player your little Barack okay he has considerable influence in whether you win or lose you could argue and baseball. There’s rescinded. That may be pitching is more important you could argue that may be bullpen is more important than starting rotation when you get to the playoffs Mike Trout is the best hitter in the game. But does she have the biggest influence is obviously winning embarrassing. And that’s why I think this is all I think they should treat this award. Just like the gold club okay managers and coaches you to people who really know not of writers not. Not the writers sure just. Think they know the big he really adult the coaches and managers really know how good Mike Trout. The managers or the other pitchers it really know how unbelievably difficult it is to get around this guy’s it will keep that’s. So I mean but I look at the players vote because it would come like a some sort of global ballot were just it’s become turns into a popularity contest is don’t take seriously what the players brushed him on T I what it at the body and like you would let that put it on the managers in the coaches and it just the coaching staff. The scouts who really know you agree that it it. Yeah I think it’s. I deadbeat distinct yet I think the voters who vote you know for their own guys who maybe can’t vote for your own guy I don’t know if there’s one great way to. Beeper goes to would you incorporate some type of formula where you have both to we have the writers do it on and you also have team manages to. And the public the public attitude treated like you know what always gets home Philip Vanderbilt closer still do that if they can get it if a few million dollars and sometimes promotional hook. But economic domination of player’s choice writers. Waited however you wanna do Alec Campbell feral players temple for anybody I know timid and you know what if I can’t vote for smoking. Marketable for Trout and well they got here this event if that’s. Started today and where you’re right there’s they’re starts but you know hamster wheel just rolling around around around the house I don’t like this play and play defense. And using your vote right now to counteract something else to me that’s that’s not right that’s not the way it should here’s mark in Connecticut I’m mark. Yes so there are two reasons I think which yeah sure got. Old trap the first artist. I know these all all of us all think results portrait would be cute despite your chart actually a little or. It is original and especially. But the worst part is that. You know what you got you to this trying to stop and a regular C he’s itching to watch it early eighties and that’s why. You’d like to attract but it’s not about like China where you eat your number’s up a lot of times in particular dwell on the regular received. Much. I hired a local red along with direct. Joel Otto at how would your lecture. Impeach the National League nobody even thinks it’s horrible sticks. That’s the first that’s Reid in his are looking at overcoat and it will. I disagree John Ferrell and their principles. Tell it like and I know Hubert Eumig guests in that. You pitched out of a rookie during tires she did. Cost and some NB votes actually burns them out of the time but not quite so I would dispatch. Yes but one thing that what you’re urgently put a patch right so you guys were. What’s 49 times over the course sees it too beat up for you for how many against into the island and well. In the fact of the matter is that a few 158. Out of a 102 general elections more times I got it hires you right. And I know some people on or showed up all worked there Earl mantra the year but I think there’s another little aren’t going to wait your current offer for a while. We need to finish in the top three you know might not get manager of the year or chop chop Clinton 159. Mean. But if he’s so valuable he had this great season how is it they’ve gone in the last three years from 98. Wins 85 wins it’s it’s a canal baseball 741. It is bespoke as GO Sox. His team Sox. Gary Richards who ought to zobel pictures now because they haven’t been brought any players that it’s baseball it’s misty Keyon. I mean she’s he would do it because it is team is awful around you know it’s not. Not his fault smoke there and smack is GM without you doing here ago this kind of money would try to spend. Out there and a John McKenna brings up a record four registered. From him he’s talking about coaches and managers managers and coaches one year. Vote article glow of two Raphael Palmeiro. Who played ten games at first base. So these medical approaches. Has integrity was bode well while they didn’t even realize well maybe they don’t play that. You know the GO favorite sport that was joke you know. That was completely vanished when he was at a designated. Everything that goes to Mike Trout not. The movie that’s were talking about it with its 617779. Seven that it through civil strategy changes in the Belmont a James. Yeah you don’t you don’t know you are. So. First of all I think the MVP should just go to the best player that’s what the award is. But if you wanna get. Caught up on this word valuable. It leads to wonder inescapable conclusion to be gonna go with valuable. We need to factor in the patient that cleared contracts. You’re just sick to war and divided by their contract and now you have the best value. And elegant complicate I you know what are your first point of nothing at your first point is a really good point in when you look at the game of baseball. You might be right that it’s so subjective as to who the most valuable player on the team because they have different positions and different duties okay. In what date what you know what they do out there. That you may be you may be right for example with the Red Sox. I can make an argument the David Ortiz if you take him out of the lineup. They’re not the first port a give you about a point you to rip or sell out of that team and you jump into the tradition first wife’s. So you can make that argument I. Maybe that’s the best way of doing just say screw it week it’s too subjective. The pitcher may be more important then then offenses even though he’s going every fifth day. We’re fighting yet now the guys to come out of the bullpen might be the most important guys certainly and when you get into the post season. Maybe in baseball. It’s flawed were other sports you can make a better case for a guy who is most valuable to his team’s success. Well I’m not I think it should be that’s where I’m not making that argument but I’m saying if you’re going to be out on Sally. Then you have to include the price of the play. Not out of the battery and I don’t think they think evaluate lasagna in my I don’t think it does that yeah the price of the player. Has nothing to do with a lot of times the new. Performance until boat week until year I don’t know five maybe you’d deals six year free agency. It has nothing to do with a Mike Trout was making 566003. Years should be. The suit like that threat during the and. These clips because the fact so if you look at compare my church saint Mike Trout and Robinson can go at this scene in war. Okay Iran and only what 230 million dollars trekked over quite so cute much less valuable to the uncertainty about the expense. And what they get out of. Yes yeah you’re. You’re jumping on the horse had nothing to do you’re jumping on war and the whole argument a most valuable player that we’re trying to argue here is how many wins is that player responsible for. I’m telling you I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go by that worn number I’m not sure that warn numbers accurate. I’m sure as a caller said earlier we get like drug we switch teams from warm. You know the doomed doomed and we’ll keep that’s goes to the angels. Are they gonna win fewer games I don’t know the war numbers not gonna tell us that. No matter how you calculate what I’m suggesting and I don’t believe this but are saying it’s you’re going to be. Focused I think it’s just you the best player but it you’re going to be focused on the word values. Then if you get. A tremendous amount of production out of somebody’s were on a rookie contract. But that’s OK lord Jimmie taken the word. Yeah it’s not the most value player. Bugs and yet it’s not doubt that right that’s out you’re aren’t as valuable right best best valuable player best value player so it’s not hit the president so social Mike Trout you know back the they would what are all the time from cubic it would be like Charlie never gonna win again because ultimate 34 million dollars there but I wanted if you did valued play you get like Wal-Mart the commend sponsored you can sponsors meet they Julie please won’t do that are just a drop.

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