Kevin Love, he of the 34-point quarter, does not regret his five-year deal – Yahoo Sports

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Kevin Love has the sort of security, technically, that LeBron James (signed through 2019) just wouldn’t understand. Kevin Durant (signed through 2018, but really 2017) wouldn’t either, nor would his Golden State teammate Stephen Curry (2017).

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Kevin Love is signed to a five-year deal to work for the Cleveland Cavaliers, through 2020. Love declined the chance to milk the NBA’s newest television deal and take advantage of the structural advantages that signing shorter contracts (for basketball and/or business reasons) provide in spades.

No, Love (who set the league on fire, briefly, in hitting for 34 first quarter points against the Trail Blazers on Wednesday night) made a point to sign the longest deal he could after hitting free agency in the summer of 2015 after coming off of a major shoulder injury. And though it may cost him chunks of millions as the years move along, he appears to be just fine with his choice to commit. From Jason Lloyd at the Akron Beacon Journal:

“I have thought about it, of course. But I don’t regret anything,” Love said. “Everybody in my position did the same thing when you look at [LaMarcus] Aldridge, DeAndre [Jordan] and Marc Gasol. Players like that who are max players went ahead and signed [long term].”


“When it’s your time [to sign], it’s your time. You’ve got to figure it out,” Love said. “Maybe the shoulder had something to do with it, but you’ve got to think about risk adversity. How much risk do you want to take? Knowing I could be with this team, locking in for five years, it was an easy choice.”

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