Trump has climate change skeptics eager, scientists and green groups anxious – The San Diego Union-Tribune

 In Science

Environmental groups and scientists are gripped with anxiety about the prospect of President-elect Donald Trump, who has denied the existence of climate change, slashing government money for climate research, gutting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s staffing and authority, and pulling out from international agreements to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.

On the other end, skeptics of climate change and those who believe the Obama administration has wrongly prioritized efforts to curb global warming at the expense of the U.S. economy are eyeing Trump’s presidential victory as a chance to give their views high-profile credence.

The United Nations recently reported that without additional pledges to cut greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide — on top of commitments already made through past international agreements — global temperatures could rise by as much as 6.1 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to pre-industrial levels.

The polarizing effect of a Trump presidency will likely set back policy discussions about how to best curb emissions, said David Victor, a professor at UC San Diego’s school of global policy and strategy. 

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