Meet the populist Wisconsin Democrat looking to dethrone Paul Ryan

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“If you look at the rich, the CEOs and the ones that own these corporations, they use our infrastructure,” Bryce told me in an interview this week. “Working people — it’s outrageous for us to pay for the majority of things when we’re the ones who are going to build things. … Without our labor, there is no capital.”

Bryce and I talked about single-payer health care, lessons from Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District special election, and Black Lives Matter. A transcript of our interview follows.

Jeff Stein

One of the things I saw in the Georgia special election is that Republicans buried Jon Ossoff in an ad blitz connecting him to Nancy Pelosi as one of her “stooges.” Would you support her for leader?

Randy Bryce

It’s impossible to appreciate enough the historic fact that she’s the first woman in that position, that she got a lot of folks together and got stuff done.

But people are looking at the Democratic Party and asking, “Where do we go?” I’m in favor of seeing new faces and ideas that resonate.

Jeff Stein

Do you worry about Pelosi being thrown at you? And how would you address that question if Paul Ryan makes that attack?

Randy Bryce

I’ll take help from anybody who gets on board with the messages that I’m putting forward — I’m for working people. I expect a lot of ugliness to come from the other side, and I’ve faced it being a spokesperson on behalf of working people issues in the state. So my skin has gotten pretty thick.

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