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THE PRESIDENT’S MEMORIAL DAY MESSAGE … at 8:58 a.m.: “Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!”

— at 9:55 a.m.: “‘The President deserves some answers.’ @FoxNews in discussing ‘SPYGATE.’

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HERE IS WHAT YOUR NEXT FEW WEEKS WILL SOUND LIKE … BURGESS EVERETT and ELANA SCHOR: “Senators to Trump: It’s do-or-die time on DACA”: “Cory Gardner, the leader of the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, delivered an urgent message to President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation earlier this month: Congress and the White House need to act pronto on immigration reform.

“‘The sweet spot for getting an immigration deal remains now. The closer we get to the election and certainly post-election, the more difficult it will be,’ the Colorado Republican recounted telling the president. ‘If we wait longer, the more difficult it becomes. They’ll blame it on both parties at that point.’

“A group of senators in both parties is beginning to restart back-channel talks across the aisle and with the White House in hopes that the chamber will be ready to act if the House or the courts throw the issue back to the Senate this summer.

“But the Senate isn’t ready to take up the issue after a thoroughly unproductive immigration debate in February, followed by months of radio silence. And lawmakers are growing more and more worried the upper chamber could be blindsided by a call to action later this year.”

— WAPO’S SEUNG MIN KIM: “Trump is blaming Democrats for separating migrant families at the border. Here’s why this isn’t a surprise.”

AXIOS’ JONATHAN SWAN … INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE: “Stunning Oval Office leak: Aides fight in front of Trump — about leaks”: “Shortly after word leaked that Kelly Sadler had taken a nasty shot at John McCain, President Trump convened a meeting in the Oval Office for a tiny group of communications staffers, according to sources familiar with the gathering. Sadler, Mercedes Schlapp, Raj Shah, and John Kelly all gathered in front of the Resolute Desk for a conversation with Trump about the leaking problem. They were the only people in the room, though the door to the outer Oval was open. What happened: The president told Sadler she wouldn’t be fired for her remark.

“He added, separately in the conversation, that he’s no fan of McCain. Then Trump, who had grown obsessed with the leaking problem, told Sadler he wanted to know who the leakers were. Sadler then stunned the room: To be completely honest, she said, she thought one of the worst leakers was Schlapp, her boss. Schlapp pushed back aggressively and defended herself in the room. And in follow up conversations after the meeting, some of Schlapp’s colleagues also came to her defense. … Sadler went on to name other people she also suspected of being leakers.”

IVANKA REPORT … “Ivanka Trump Wins China Trademarks, Then Her Father Vows to Save ZTE,” by NYT’s Siu-Lee Wee in Beijing: “China this month awarded Ivanka Trump seven new trademarks across a broad collection of businesses, including books, housewares and cushions.

“At around the same time, President Trump vowed to find a way to prevent a major Chinese telecommunications company from going bust, even though the company has a history of violating American limits on doing business with countries like Iran and North Korea. Coincidence? Well, probably.

“Still, the remarkable timing is raising familiar questions about the Trump family’s businesses and its patriarch’s status as commander in chief. Even as Mr. Trump contends with Beijing on issues like security and trade, his family and the company that bears his name are trying to make money off their brand in China’s flush and potentially promising market.”

— SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: “China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race with US and Russia as experts warn of rising risk of conflict,” by Stephen Chen: “China is aggressively developing its next generation of nuclear weapons, conducting an average of five tests a month to simulate nuclear blasts, according to a major Chinese weapons research institute.

“Its number of simulated tests has in recent years outpaced that of the United States, which conducts them less than once a month on average.”

Good Monday morning, and Happy Memorial Day. PRESIDENT TRUMP will be observing at Arlington National Cemetery. VP MIKE PENCE will be with Gold Star families in Minturn, Colorado.

TV TONIGHT … “For Whom the Bell Tolls” — the John McCain documentary — on HBO at 8 p.m. Trailer

SENATE MAJORITY PAC just dumped another $233,100 into West Virginia to support Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), according to a filing made public yesterday. The group has spent $2.58 million in West Virginia already.

****** Presented by ExxonMobil: Biofuels refined from algae could transform how we power the vehicles that move people and things. It’s energy-rich and emits significantly less CO2 than most transportation fuels. And it doesn’t compete with food and fresh water supplies. We’re researching how to scale up algae biofuels production in a meaningful way. ******

MEMORIAL DAY READ — “Arlington Cemetery, Nearly Full, May Become More Exclusive,” by NYT’s Dave Philipps in Arlington: “The solemn ritual of a burial with military honors is repeated dozens of times a day, in foul weather or fair, at Arlington National Cemetery, honoring service members from privates to presidents. But in order to preserve the tradition of burial at the nation’s foremost military cemetery for future generations, the Army, which runs Arlington, says that it may have to deny it to nearly all veterans who are living today.

“Arlington is running out of room. Already the final resting place for more that 420,000 veterans and their relatives, the cemetery has been adding about 7,000 more each year. At that rate, even if the last rinds of open ground around its edges are put to use, the cemetery will be completely full in about 25 years.”

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OKLA.) to KASIE HUNT on MSNBC’S “KASIE D.C.”: “I have been one that have said several times, I don’t consider the president a role model for my kids. I don’t want my kids to speak the way that he speaks, or how he makes some of the choices. It has been the challenge for quite a bit of time to say, ‘How do you balance this out between policy and personal behavior in the ways — he has his unique style.’ I don’t speak that way, I don’t tweet that way, I don’t interact with people that way. I don’t treat my staff the same way that he treats his staff, but that is who the American people selected and that’s who we are going to be able to work with.” Clip

L.A. TIMES: “It could be another ‘Year of the Woman’ in California, but it probably won’t be,” by Christine Mai-Duc: “It’s not for lack of candidates. On June 5, a record 57 women from the two major parties — mostly Democrats — will be on the ballot for House races in California, a 24% increase from the last record in 2012.

“Nationwide, it’s about 400, another record. Many are established professionals — doctors, nurses, lawyers, technology executives and nonprofit directors — who are running to oppose President Trump. It’s easy to understand why [Chelsea] Handler and so many others are feeling bullish. Results in early primary states have shown enthusiasm for women candidates, including, in Georgia, the first black woman to receive a major party nomination for governor of any state.

“But in California, crowded primaries in crucial battleground districts, entrenched incumbents, notoriously expensive media markets and a top-two primary system that may prove disastrous for Democrats are some of the formidable barriers women face.”

WHAT DANIEL IS READING — “‘OMG This Is Wrong!’ Retired English Teacher Marks Up a White House Letter and Sends It Back,” by NYT’s Christina Caron: “The notes were sprawled across a letter bearing President Trump’s signature. In the top left corner: ‘Have y’all tried grammar & style check?’ At the top right: ‘Federal is capitalized only when used as part of a proper noun.’ And toward the bottom: ‘OMG this is WRONG!’

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