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    The controversy of the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match provided the underlying narrative for Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown.

    The women’s division pleaded with the blue brand’s general manager, Daniel Bryan, to reverse the decision from Sunday’s pay-per-view. Carmella, meanwhile, looked like an absolute star as she stated why she deserved to keep the briefcase in hand.

    WWE used the backlash to that bout to its advantage, using it to fuel Carmella’s rise and to give each of her foes all kinds of direction.

    SmackDown also saw Kevin Owens issue an open challenge, Shinsuke Nakamura have his best match on the main roster to date and Randy Orton go on the hunt for Jinder Mahal.

    It was a strong episode overall, one with little wasted motion. The blue brand again proved itself to be the tauter, more mindfully written show, even if some of its decisions will be debated well into the week.

    Read on for a breakdown of Tuesday’s SmackDown, from Carmella’s rant to Mahal’s latest conquest.

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    Carmella and James Ellsworth showed off the Money in the Bank briefcase and taunted the crowd. The Princess of Staten Island addressed the controversy surrounding her win on Sunday. 

    She insulted fans who had issues with her win, dismissing them as trolls. 


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • “Welcome to the fabulous era of Carmella!”—Carmella.
  • “I am not here for girl power. That’s for damn sure.”—Carmella.
  • “Can you shut up? Ms. Money in the Bank is talking.”—Carmella.






This is the best promo Carmella has ever done. She was cocky, dismissive and riled up fans in masterful fashion. 

The PPV booking put her in a tough spot, but she flourished under pressure.

This speech addressed all the criticism of the Money in the Bank match head-on. It used fans’ frustration as fuel for Carmella. It helped launch Carmella forward. Hats off.

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    The New Day recalled how their tag title match at Money in the Bank went down. The group welcomed The Usos to come into their “playpen.”

    Jimmy Uso controlled the action early on after a distraction from his brother. He flew at Big E, keeping him on the defensive.

    When Big E charged back, The Usos tried to leave the match. The New Day made sure that didn’t happen. The Big Ending finished off Jimmy.



    Big E wins via pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

  • “He got a big nightstick, and he ain’t afraid to use it.”—Kofi Kingston to Big E.
  • Big E catches Jimmy in midair and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.
  • Kingston flies off the ring steps onto Jey.






Not a memorable match, but it featured a few flashes of excitement. The Usos teased taking the cowardly way out again, which could be a nice addition to their characters. 

The New Day have more reason after this to think they are destined to dethrone the champs. They just need to get their hands on the slippery heels. That’s a solid dynamic to develop moving forward.

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