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HBO is still developing a Watchmen series, even as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder walks away from the project and is replaced by Lost and The Leftovers mastermind Damon Lindelof.

The Watchmen movie, directed by Snyder in 2009, was a controversial movie in a few ways. One of the things that Snyder was accused of, was being too reverential to the source material and not making appropriate changes to suit the medium of film and the restrictions of a 3-hour movie.

Of course, there were other fans who were irate that he changed too much, particularly in the third act, because as one of the great pieces of the comics literary canon, Watchmen was ostensibly beyond such things in their eyes.

So what will a Watchmen TV series look like? Will it be more or less true to the comic book miniseries? Will they focus just on the death of the Comedian and its immediate fallout, or take a broader, more historical view of the characters in context?

Obviously we won’t know for a while, but there are some obvious places that Lindelof can turn for inspiration, in case HBO expects the series to be a huge hit and wants more than the equivalent of a year-long comic book miniseries to run their show.

There are also some pretty big questions that fans will likely be asking about how the supplemental material that appeared in the original Watchmen might play in…!

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DC’s much-debated prequel takes the events referenced in Watchmen and built a story around them.

That’s a little different from what it already had, which was kind of a loose mythology that centered on a very small number of events known to have happened.

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