‘Westworld’ Director on the Man in Black’s “Quest,” ‘Lost’ Comparisons and Anthony Hopkins’ Dancing Skills – Hollywood Reporter

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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from episode eight of HBO’s Westworld.]

A bald man with killer instincts, a sharp gaze and an even sharper knife searches a mysterious world for answers to life’s greatest questions: purpose, existence — and above all else, destiny.

Does that description apply to the Man in Black of Westworld, or John Locke of Lost? You be the judge. In either case, director Stephen Williams certainly knows a thing or two about both characters.

Williams, who directed several episodes of the erstwhile island drama, was the man behind the lens on Sunday’s episode of Westworld, called “Trace Decay,” featuring a more vulnerable side of Ed Harris’ brooding gunslinger. As the Man inches closer to the maze he seeks, other characters on the board further unravel in their own right: Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), shell-shocked in the wake of discovering he’s a host; Maeve (Thandie Newton), now capable of rewriting other hosts’ programming with nothing more than voice commands; and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), no longer sure where or when she is.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Williams opens up about all of those storylines and more, including comparisons between Westworld and Lost, and a side of Anthony Hopkins the world desperately needs to see.

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