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The Walking Dead Episode 705 Recap: Go Getters

The Walking Dead Episode 705 Recap: Go Getters

Rick and Aaron are going out on a supply run so that when the Saviors return, they will have something to give them. Carl is staying behind to care for Judith, but really, he is mad that they are living for the Saviors now. Michonne also decides to stay. Rick tentatively goes to give her a kiss on the cheek, and is surprised when she pulls him into a full, passionate kiss. When Carl asks why she didn’t go, Michonne simply says she needs to figure some things out, namely how they can continue to coexist with the Saviors. Carl believes they can’t. Michonne leaves the house, and Carl spots something through the window. Enid is trying to escape. Again. She has to see Maggie and insists she will be fine walking to the Hilltop alone. Carl is not saving her anymore, which is what Enid thinks Carl thought he was doing when he locked her in the armory last season. She is sorry he had to see “it” (Abraham and Glenn murdered), but Carl isn’t.

Enid heads off to the Hilltop on a bicycle. She stops to rest and is set upon by a couple of zombies. A car comes out of nowhere and runs over a zombie about to attack her. The zombie isn’t quite dead, so the car backs up over it. Carl is behind the wheel – he “felt like a drive.” The pair continue to the Hilltop together, on foot. Carl explains that the reason he watched his friends die was so that he could remember what happened to them. He doesn’t want to chicken out when he has a chance to kill Negan. Enid didn’t need to see it happen to know that she would do it, too.

The kids get a chance to be kids for a moment when Carl finds a couple pairs of roller skates in a bag on the side of the road. They are terrible skaters, but they are having fun and even hold hands. The couple’s skate ends when they arrive at the Hilltop, and see the Saviors’ trucks parked outside. They watch from the woods, and Carl doesn’t think that Negan is there. That is when Enid realizes Carl wasn’t coming to save her; he was looking for Negan. He can’t let him get away with what he has done. Enid points out that if Carl killed Negan, he would be doing it for himself, not for Abraham or Glenn or Maggie. Carl doesn’t care, and the two kiss tenderly. She tries one more time: “You shouldn’t go, but I can’t stop you.” The pair split up.


At the Hilltop, Maggie wakes in Dr. Carson’s care. The placenta separated from the uterus, but it was a minor separation. The baby is fine. He suggests Maggie stay at the Hilltop through the rest of her pregnancy, just in case there are any more complications. She will think about it. After the doctor releases her, Maggie meets up with Sasha, who takes her to Glenn and Abraham’s graves. Sasha gives Maggie Glenn’s pocket watch, which she found in his pocket. All she found on Abraham was a cigar. Maggie leaves the watch on Glenn’s grave, as a marker, and tells Sasha that the doctor suggested she stay there. If Maggie is staying, then so is Sasha. Jesus stops by to leave flowers on the graves.

Gregory shows up at the grave site and is all sorts of pissed. He accuses Maggie and her group of not “getting them all,” and tells her that Dr. Carson is not authorized to allow Maggie to stay. He wants her gone, at once. Sasha can stay, mostly because Gregory doesn’t realize that Sasha wasn’t already a resident at the Hilltop. His next point of contention is the graves. They burn the dead here. He moves back to the Saviors, and how he worries that they will know the Hilltop and Alexandria are colluding. He wants to have “plausible deniability.” But because Gregory is a “good guy,” he will let the girls stay the night – then they go. Sasha tells him about Maggie’s pregnancy, hoping to get into Gregory’s “good graces.” All he has to say is “that’s her mistake.”

Jesus is glad that Sasha is there. She offers to leave, to scavenge to pay Maggie’s way, anything. It is not Jesus’s call, but he promises to “see what he can do.” He gives Sasha a gift: Abraham’s dog tags. Maggie comes in and asks why they burn the dead. “The idea was just to keep going,” Jesus reflects. He leaves the girls for the evening, and Sasha suggests the two of them just stay. After all, what is Gregory going to do about it? Maggie suggests they take the night to think the arrangement through.


In the middle of the night, Maggie and Sasha are awoken when there is a deep grinding sound. They look outside to see the gates open, bonfires lit, and music pumping from a car’s audio system. Zombies are pouring into the compound. Sasha insists Maggie stays put while she rushes out to save the town. Maggie can’t stay put and climbs onto the roof of their trailer and yells to Jesus to help Sasha. He jumps into the fray without a moment’s hesitation. Maggie yells at a couple other guys to help. No one else in town shows up, especially not Gregory, who watches from his bedroom window.

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