‘Star Wars’: Don’t Get Mad at Kathleen Kennedy For That Han Solo Shake-Up – IndieWire

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Backlash to the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller has vilified Kathleen Kennedy. But this veteran producer deserves more respect.

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When the “Star Wars” universe imploded earlier this week with the surprising news that Han Solo standalone filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller were leaving the project after completing nearly 75% of principal photography, initial reports immediately fixated on the most likely culprit for the split: disagreements with Lucasfilm head and “Star Wars” super-producer Kathleen Kennedy. While it seems unlikely that the “real” story of what went down behind the scenes — a true “three sides to every story” situation, as producer Robert Evans was fond of saying — will ever come out, Kennedy is at the center of reports about wild demands and on-set clashes.

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