Star Trek: Discovery’s Jason Isaacs on Captain Lorca’s Mission and Why He Concentrated on Not Giving a F–k

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There’s a new captain on the bridge. Jason Isaacs and the USS Discovery finally made their debut in Star Trek: Discovery‘s third episode, now streaming on CBS All Access. Isaacs plays Captain Gabriel Lorca and, well, spoiler alert—something’s up.

In the episode, Captain Lorca basically springs Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) from prison to serve on his ship. Yeah, so much for the lifetime imprisonment for mutiny deal sentence. Captain Lorca wants Burnham for one purpose: Win the war against the Klingons. He needs to win and will do so by any means necessary.

“Well, you know, he’s brought this woman on board to be a crewmember because he’s got to try and win a war slightly hamstrung. He’s on a science vessel with a of peacetime explorer crew, not people who are trying to fight. The rules of engagement such as they are—remember these are not the ones from the original series, this is 10 years before—the Federation directives are different, and they’re peacetime directives, but he’s fighting an ruthless and immoral—not amoral—enemy who will do anything they need to do and take any measure necessary,” Isaacs said.

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