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According to, legendary pro wrestling manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan died at age 73 on Sunday, Sept. 17 in Largo, Fla.

WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon Tweeted:

Heenan was one of the best heel managers all-time, succeeding at every level. When his managerial days ended, he did not. Heenan continued his broadcasting career in WWF (now WWE) and later WCW.

Calling the action and doing skits alongside Gorilla Monsoon in WWF, gold, pure gold.

(At 6:09) Heenan blurted: “That Okerlund. When he was out here, he must have rifled that wallet of mine.”

WWE Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund Tweeted:

Plus, the Rosati sisters.

Success in this sport can be defined by how much a crowd boos or cheers a pro wrestler.

Not only did they boo Heenan at every sight, but (even better) they also chanted, “Weasel! Weasel! Weasel!”

The Weasel advised Ric Flair when Flair won the WWF title.

Flair, a WWE Hall of Famer, Tweeted:

Heenan did his job. He greatly helped elevate talent as a manager and as a broadcaster.

Fans loved to hate him. They were entertained.

Funny, sarcastic, witty, just quick on his feet mentally and physically. Wow.

He even rode a camel backward at Caesars Palace.

(At 3:50)

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who worked alongside Heenan at the announce table in WWF, Tweeted:

Legendary wrestling photographer/writer Bill Apter Tweeted his thoughts via YouTube video :

I recall first learning of Heenan through the Apter Mags. Those were the wrestling magazines. i.e. “The Wrestler” and “Pro Wrestling Illustrated,” featuring the work of Apter. There was no Internet nor cable TV during those days. Pro wrestling, territorial, so the only way to know other groups and talent outside your territory was via the Apter Mags on sale at newsstands across the country.

In the Apter Mags, I saw a photo of Heenan with The Blackjacks (Blackjack Lanza and Blackjack Mulligan).

This pale-faced, bleach blonde hair, arrogant looking, monogram shirt wearing manager with two big, rough cowboys with black boots, black trunks, black vests, black gloves, black cowboy hats, and black mustaches. Different ends of the spectrum, but their collaboration worked.

Anything involving Heenan worked.

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