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Elektra (Elodie Yung) was never going to be just a weapon.

In the sixth episode of Marvel’s The Defenders, the resurrected Black Sky remembered her identity and literally stabbed the Hand leader Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) in the back, effectively ending Alexandra’s reign and taking control of the remaining Fingers for herself.

But Elektra never wanted to run the Hand. All she wanted was to be free, as showrunner Marco Ramirez put it, and to be free with Matt (Charlie Cox). By the end of the series, she accomplishes the latter as Midland Circle crumbles around her and Daredevil, presumably crushing both of them underneath — until it turns out Matt survived. So what’s next for the sai-wielding ex-girlfriend of the Man Without Fear? Below, EW spoke with the French actress to look back on her most memorable scenes.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, should we assume Elektra’s still alive? We don’t see a body, and Matt manages to make it out of the rubble, somehow.
Well, from my understanding, I’m still alive. You know, they gave me this potion to bring me back to life, so that’s my understanding of it, but really I have no clue. I’m just as confused as you, I don’t know what’s going on. [Laughs] I might still be in that building as I’m talking to you [laughs].

I hope you make it out! At the beginning of the season, in episode 3, we saw how Elektra was resurrected and came back a feral, amnesiac version of herself. What do you remember about filming that? You were covered in fake blood, which looked absolutely gross.
Oh, it was. I think what they use is corn syrup or the equivalent, so it’s very gooey, very sweet and sticky. I insisted on doing it, because to me, [it was] the resurrection, so I felt I needed to go through the pain and to be put in this coffin with blood. Luckily we did it in one take because honestly, this is not something you can do all day long.

It’s something, and I was quite scared. I had to put things in my ears and then just stay three or four seconds under the blood, and then someone knocked on the sarcophagus [to cue me to get up]. And then we shot all night, so it was just being cold in this disgusting place. But that’s one of the joys of doing something like this! [Laughs] You don’t do this every day, and I’m down for this type of thing. It’s an experience, you know? [Laughs]

I’m glad you didn’t have to do it too often. It looked uncomfortable.
It was. I can confirm that. But I think it was worth it, the scene looked great.

In those early episodes, you had to play a resurrected Elektra, who had no idea who she was. Did you approach playing her as a wholly new character compared to who you played in season 2 of Daredevil?
Well, to me, I just [thought of her] as someone who got into an accident and completely forgot who she is, and then starting from there just gave me endless possibilities to approaching this new Elektra. I didn’t want the audience to actually know exactly when she would remember herself, but I wanted to give hints of the past, little moments where people would maybe question if she was playing Alexandra or if she was just completely not remembering anything, you know? So it was fun for me to play those moments, and it feels a bit like a brand new Elektra.

Also, in the beginning, with the bloodbath, I approached her like a foal, like an animal who just was born out of the mother’s womb. I wanted it to [seem] like an animal, really. You know those images of horses or deer when they give birth, and it’s just very disgusting, gooey, and violent? I wanted something like that. I wanted her to not be able to stand up immediately. The recovery is quite fast, and she learns specific skills quite quickly, but I wanted this progression of being an animal and then just transforming and learning skills and remembering who she was.
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

When did you first learn from the team that you would be the final villain, that it wasn’t Alexandra who would make it to the last battle? And how much pressure was there going in once you knew that?
I just love that they always have surprises for the audience and for us as well. I knew the arc from the start, and I was quite excited by it because when I kill Alexandra, it comes a bit out of nowhere. I just got really excited by this idea that although you know that now she’s this weapon and she’s been trained, she doesn’t have a side. I like that she’s a free spirit and she’s just her own woman, her own self, and when it comes down to the love of her life, she still has this instinct where she wants to protect Matthew, and this is where it comes out.

So no pressure for me to be, you know, the baddie, the villain. I never see my characters or stories from that angle. I just thought she’s a woman who forgot who she was and then it kicks in and she remembers and instinct comes back and she has to find Matthew. That’s it, that’s her quest.

Before we talk about her and Matt, let’s dive into her and Alexandra a little more. How would you describe that relationship? Is it mother-daughter, mentor-mentee, or something else?
I would describe it just as you did, and I think I would sprinkle on top something a bit weird or maybe sexual that comes from the obsession Alexandra has for her. She needs her. It’s built a bit like mother-daughter, definitely, and mentor-mentee, but she needs Elektra around.

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