Ken Burns’ New PBS Doc Wades Into Vietnam’s Big Muddy – Newsweek

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Strolling down a street in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam last month, I came upon a sidewalk shop selling shiny wood caskets. When I stopped to take some pictures, the elderly owner came out, smiling, and asked where I was from.

“America,” I told him, and he broke into a wide grin. Was I here during the war? he asked. I was, I said, in the Army.  Then he raised his arms like he was firing a rifle.  “I fought for Ho Chi Minh!” he exclaimed. I chuckled, struggling for an appropriate response. “Well,” I finally said, “I fought to stay alive.”  

Nearly 50 after the war’s end, Americans, including Vietnam veterans, are still struggling to explain how we got involved in that disastrous, and ultimately futile, war.  And that goes for Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, directors of The Vietnam War, a much-heralded 10-part, 18-hour epic series that debuts Sunday night on PBS.  

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