How the Pirelli Calendar Is Highlighting True Beauty & Exposing the Unfair Expectations Placed on Women in Hollywood – E! Online

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Sometimes the most important conversations are started in the unlikeliest of arenas.

The unveiling of the 44th Pirelli Calendar occurred this morning and, once again, the creators have taken the temperature of the feminine landscape and delivered accordingly when it comes to encapsulating what’s classic, current and on the horizon all at once.

Leave it to the tire company to roll with the times, right?

A year after breaking its own mold by featuring women of all ages who are famous for their cultural impact rather than how scantily clad they get on their Instagrams, the 2017 Pirelli Calendar is an all-actress (and one professor) edition—and none of the images by famed photographer Peter Lindbergh that made the final cut have been airbrushed or retouched in any way.

Now, Lindbergh wasn’t exactly taking a huge risk by enlisting the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Julianne Moore, Uma ThurmanKate WinsletNicole Kidman, Robin Wright and other world-class beauties to pose with only the faintest trace of makeup and forego the comfort of knowing that any “flaws” or “imperfections” will be cleaned up in post.

The aesthetic appeal was built in, after all.

But especially now—when brazen criticism of others seems to be at an all-time high, when models are getting body-shamed online for being too curvy and too thin, when the natural act of aging remains one of the biggest hurdles in Hollywood and almost every actress has a story about being asked to slim down for a role—a celebration of women in their natural state is a welcome addition to the conversation about the fact that beauty, as the entertainment and fashion industries spent the last century defining it anyway, is no longer slave to a certain set of parameters.

“The current system promotes only one kind of beauty that is very connected to youth and perfection because it is a system based on consumption, whose idea of beauty doesn’t have anything to do with reality and with women,” Lindbergh, the first of the who’s-who of Pirelli photographers over the years to shoot the calendar for a third time, said in explaining his motivation for 2017.

“I think we need to take a step back and realize that this idea of beauty does not help women and on the contrary makes them unhappy. I want to use the Pirelli platform to send another message and the message is that beauty is much more than what we are used to seeing in commercials.”

Commercials, runways, billboards, magazines, TV, movies… Unless your cinematic diet is limited to the most slice-of-life indie dramas, you’re seeing variations of the same beauty ideal pretty much everywhere, from the petite actresses that make up the majority of the population onscreen to the busty yet tiny-waisted superheroes and femme fatales on the pages of graphic novels.

It’s impossible to alter age-old perceptions overnight, but count Pirelli’s latest calendars among the ways in which the fashion industry—the epicenter of which includes the most revered design houses and iconic publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar—has steadily been acknowledging that we know that they know they’re selling a fairy tale, rather than a recognizable reflection of most people on earth.

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