Bill Cosby Doesn’t Deserve Our Black Tears – VICE

There are a whole lot of brothers out there who still see Bill Cosby as a victim. I know, because I hear from these guys in barbershops, in line at the bodega, and even at family gatherings. They hold on to their exalted view of the man who “redefined blackness” in spite of the more than 60 women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexually assaulting them. They cling to “America’s Favorite Dad,” even though the comedian admitted to keeping Quaaludes to help him get laid. And now, as the criminal trial for Cosby’s alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand comes to a close, those who doubt that the man who used to sling Puddin’ Pops could have also been an extremely prolific date rapist seem more convinced than ever that this entire sordid ordeal is just another example of white America tearing down strong black men.

We’ve seen this play out on social media, from fashion and music icon Kanye West tweeting early last year that “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” to author and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed going full Hotep last week, informing his more than 180,000 Twitter followers that the allegations are really a “white supremacist witch hunt.”

Simple misogyny is the connecting tissue between most Cosby apologists. It’s the reason they can’t understand why a woman might not want to come forward with sexual assault allegations against a famous and beloved millionaire with endless legal resources and goodwill, and it’s why they don’t get that having your way with someone who is incapacitated and can’t consent is illegal and incredibly fucked up. But as a black man, the notion that there might be a conspiracy that is “trying to bring the black man down” is something that—even as I absolutely reject it in Cosby’s case—I can certainly understand.

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