Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 7: Deals With Our Devils Recap With Spoilers –

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Mack and May investigate the room where Eli transformed and are surprised and concerned to find it stable. Coulson and Fitz seem to have vanished.

SHIELD closes in on Eli Morrow. He uses his new powers to murder the SHIELD agents by impaling them with pure carbon from the inside out.

May and Mack discover the bodies and a wall of pure carbon blocking them from pursuing Eli.

Director Mace, Mack, Daisy, May, and Gabe review the security footage that shows their teammates disappearing in the blast that empowered Eli. Most of the team is ready to accept that they’re gone, but Quake reminds them all that weird stuff happens all of them for SHIELD. They realize they need to call Simmons, both to inform her of what happened to Fitz and to see if she can figure out the truth. May realizes that Morrow was probably behind everything, including hiring the Chinatown crew to steal the Darkhold. Mace comes around and suggests that Simmons may be the only one who can figure out a way to fight Morrow.

Simmons arrives at the secret location Mace sent her to. It’s an Inhuman still in the process of Terrigenesis. She’s told that the individual’s identity is classified, but that he’s been in the cocoon for seven months. They’re less concerned with who he was and more concerned with who he’ll become.

Mack checks on May. She’s wrestling with the idea that the team may not be dead. She pulls out the Darkhold and says she has a feeling. They argue about opening the book until Mace arrives. Mack says he has a lead on Morrow. He suggests tracking down the Chinatown crew. Mace insists that they study Morrow’s technology first, and bring the fallen SHIELD agents to their families. Mace also says that Radcliffe with work on the tech. May is suspicious that Mace didn’t talk to Simmons at all.

Gabe openly grieves to Daisy about these recent revelations concerning his family. Quake still believes Robbie is alive. Mack gets on his motorcycle and drives off the Zephyr just before it takes off.

Fitz finds Coulson in the power plant, but apparently in some kind of shadow dimension. They see Fitz and Mack searching for them, but they can’t communicate. May walks right through Coulson and it becomes clear that Mack and May can’t see them.

Robbie sees Eli, but he’s also in the shadow. He tries to talk Eli down, but Eli can’t hear him. Robbie sees Eli murder the SHIELD agents and flee, then sees May and Mack investigating. Coulson and Fitz find Robbie.

Ghost Rider

Robbie, Fitz, and Coulson are on the Zephyr watching the security footage with the rest of the team. Robbie says he feels sick. Fitz posits that they’re out of face with reality, stuck between dimensions. Robbie hears May mention the Chinatown crew. Robbie says he can find the crew, but Ghost Rider is fighting him right now so he can’t access that power. Fitz hears May and Mace discuss calling Simmons.

Fitz and Robbie follow Mace as he supposedly tries to contact Simmons. He’s told that the secret location staff confiscated her phone. He gets Senator Nadir on the line and says he needs Simmons to return immediately. Nadir hangs up on him. Robbie begins freaking out, saying he’s cold, freezing. He says he needs sunlight, warmth, that he’s dying.

Coulson shouts at May, trying to get her to hear him. She begins talking to him, even though she doesn’t know he’s there. She’s clearly upset that he’s gone. He sees her go to the Darkhold and tries to tell her not to open it. Then Mack arrives. Coulson hears their argument and then Robbie’s pained screams. Robbie says they’re being “dragged down,” but Ghost Rider doesn’t want to go. The Ghost Rider spirit leaves Robbie and enters Mack., who then get on his motorcycle and takes off. Robbie says Mack is going after the Chinatown crew. Quake takes Robbie’s car to pursue and Robbie jumps in with her.

Quake catches up with Mack and tries to talk him down, but he’s possessed. Mack seems to get away in traffic, but Quake isn’t done.

Mace and May find Radcliffe and ADA studying the tech SHIELD confiscated. May also shows Radcliffe the Darkhold. Radcliffe opens it and is startled by what he sees. He says it’s too much for a human mind to take in.

Simmons studies the cocoon and discovers vital says that show the individual is nervous. She tells everyone else to dim the lights and clear the room. Simmons takes off her protective suit and introduces herself to the cocoon. She touches the hand of the cocoon and the person seems to calm. The backside of the cocoon begins to crack.

Mack finds a Chinatown hideout and begins attacking the crew inside. He interrogates one of them with fire in his eyes.

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