National Coffee Day Sees Free Coffee Offers

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People the world over complain about American coffee. One can find entire blogs in almost every language dedicated to how to survive the typically weak, bitter, overpriced or over-sweetened swill Americans call coffee.

But Americans, true to American form, are completely uninterested in those opinions. As a nation of awake-earliers, up-very-laters, last-minute-crammers and entrepreneurs who simply never sleep at all, in this country, we like our coffee.

In fact, by the numbers, we love our coffee.

Among American adults, 83 percent identify themselves as at least “sporadic” coffee drinkers. The average American drinks approximately two cups of coffee per day, while the average self-described coffee drinker imbibes closer to four cups a day to satisfy his or her coffee addiction. Men and women drink nearly identical amounts of coffee, though women are statistically more likely than men to make it at home than buy it at coffee shops. As such, they tend to spend slightly less on coffee consumption annually than men. In addition, people of all races drink coffee in nearly equal measures.

And, as Americans, we show our love with our spend. Americans consume approximately 12 billion pounds of coffee per year and spend approximately $1,100 per U.S. adult annually on coffee — that’s a little less than $160 billion total. Coffee shop Starbucks’ sales revenue in 2016 was $21 billion, Dunkin’ Donuts saw $10.8 billion and Keurig boasted $4.5 billion.

Now, granted, all of those brands sell items other than coffee, but a lot of those billions of dollars were made one cuppa joe — with some fancy add-ons, of course — at a time. And, with that nearly universal affection for the caffeinated drink that makes the world go round, it is unsurprising that we’ve devoted one day — and, in some cases, an entire weekend — to the celebration of coffee.

Welcome To National (Free) Coffee Day

If you happened to have missed it, National Coffee Day was technically yesterday, Friday (Oct. 29). But, if you are feeling sad you missed it, fear not — various purveyors of coffee, tea and sanity are celebrating throughout the weekend. So, with a sharp eye, you might still be able to get your free cup from a favorite coffee shop.

Krispy Kreme, for example, with its typical “more is more” philosophy, will be handing out free coffee all weekend. Not to be outdone, Tim Horton’s has declared this National Coffee Week and will be topping customers off, free of charge, through Oct. 6.

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